Title: My Name Is Memory
Author: Ann Brashares
Genre: YA, Fiction, Romance
First published: June 1st 2010
Finished reading: October 13th 2015
Pages: 324
Rating 2,5qqq

“I killed her once and died for her many times and I still have nothing to show for it. I always search for her ; I always remember her. I carry the hope that someday she will remember me.”


Yes, I admit I mostly picked up my copy of My Name Of Memory because of the cover. The blurb sounded interesting as well, although I was afraid things would turn out to be too cheesy. Those who follow my blog will already know I’m not a big romance fan and I’m probably one of the few that haven’t read The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants yet (and probably won’t). I’m not saying this was a particularly bad read and I actually enjoyed some of the stories set in the past, but the more recent storyline is full of cliches and the romance scenes just didn’t do it for me. I did like the general idea of the story, although some of it was a bit far-fetched. Daniel is what you call an old soul with many memories of his past, but some of the things he does during the story are actually quite ‘stupid’. Also, I’m not sure I actually like Lucy… Although I do appreciate her development as a character if you forget about some of cliche actions. I have a feeling this one is another case of not-for-me. So I guess that if you like romance stories and enjoy reading Anna Brashares‘ work in general, you will probably end up enjoying My Name Is Memory as well.


Ever since the first life he remembers set in 552 Asia Minor, Daniel has been falling in love with the soul of the same girl. Life after life, he and Sophia have been finding either other, but somehow they were never destined to actually be together… And while Daniel has the ability to recall past lives and recognize the souls of others, Sophia never seems to remember him. Daniel keeps hoping to finally have the chance to be together with the woman he has loved for centuries, and it seems that the young Sophia (now called Lucy) finally begins to remember some of their shared past. But will the mysterious force that has kept them separated tear them apart again?


Like I said before, part of me not liking My Name Is Memory that much is because I simply don’t enjoy reading romance stories in general. The general plot idea is actually quite interesting and I enjoyed reading about Daniel’s past, but the more recent scenes and the romance between Daniel and Lucy were just too cliche for me. But if you enjoy the genre in general and like the sound of this story, I do suggest giving this novel by Ann Brashares a try.