NEW: Easy Peasy Delicious Food!


I have been thinking about starting my own food blog for a while now… And last Saturday I finally went through with it! I keep hearing people complain about how they never have time to cook something healthy or that the recipes are too difficult for an amateur cook. Since I love cooking and I’m always trying to invent new easy, (mostly) healthy and delicious ways of combining different ingredients, I decided to share them with you.

Hence Easy Peasy Delicious Food was born! I’m still in the process of putting the final touches to the design and I have only three recipes up so far, but more is to come soon!


Feel free to check out my Chard Spring Rolls, Potato Salad With Breaded Hake or Chicken Pineapple Curry.


15 thoughts on “NEW: Easy Peasy Delicious Food!

    • I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows lately as well! I love cooking but not always have the time, skills or tools to prepare the recipes seen on TV or in cooking books… That’s why my new blog is called EASY PEASY; no difficult procedures or expensive tools are used to prepare the food. 😉

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      • I like that you’ll have simpler things and without all of those expensive gadgets. I always get disappointed reading people’s food blogs and they always have the fancy equipment that I can’t afford and don’t offer any suggestions on how to do it any other way.

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      • Same here! My kitchen is quite small and I don’t have the space or money to buy all those expensive tools… I prefer cooking ‘old school’. 😉

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