Sunday Post #3 – November 15th


Today is Sunday, which means it’s time for another installment of my Sunday Post where I will share a summary of my blogging week and other random facts… Here we go!


Look who is ignoring her November TBR completely, put all other books aside and started reading Winter today: ME!! 😀 I cannot start to describe how excited I am to be reading this one; I so hope it lives up to expectations!




I still can’t believe I haven’t heard about Uprooted by Naomi Novik before. I mean, I love YA fantasy and I love books about dragons… And this novel has I really high Goodreads rating and has been out since May, so it’s a mystery why it has escaped my radar until now. I don’t think I have to say I will probably end up reading this one before the year is over…



Someone please explain me how on earth I’m suppost to pick my favorite out of the semi finalists of the BEST YA FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION section of the Goodreads Choice Awards. Because basically, I have six books that I’ve already read that could easily be the winner (the darker ones), and six more that are currently on my TBR pile (the lighter ones) and I’m 99% sure I will love as well. I’m currently going towards Carry On… But it’s REALLY hard to make my final choice. Am I the only one having difficulties deciding what to vote? What are your favorites on this list?

Also, my cat Sienna just declared this Sunday as being a lazy one. 😀





Three new recipes on my food blog Easy Peasy Delicious Food this week: Faux Hake PaellaArgentinian Mashed Potato Pie and Homemade Flatbread. Feel free to check them out! 😀 

That’s all for this Sunday Post… I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


18 thoughts on “Sunday Post #3 – November 15th

    • I was excited about Winter that I didn’t even realize it had over 800 pages before I got my copy haha. I can now read Winter first and not feel guilty about abandoning Outlander for my over-800-pages challenge. 😉 And picking just one favorite will be SO difficult! Especially since I’ve read a few of them some months back… And I already don’t know how to choose between those I’ve read this month haha. (Carry On, Six Of Crows and 99% sure Winter as well) 😉

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    • I’m basically having difficulties picking my favorite in all YA categories and best debut author as well; there are so many amazing titles to choose from! Sienna was supposed to be for my niece, but she ended up staying with us and now basically follows me around all day haha. She’s too adorable!

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  1. Aww, your kitty – so cute! One of the authors I follow raved about Uprooted on Instagram a few months back and spurred me into buying it. I hadn’t heard of it at all before then!

    Enjoy the rest of Winter – I’m sure it’s awesome!

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