Day 2 of Bout Of Books 15.0 went more than well and I already have two finished titles on my list! Although of the first only the last 20% counts and the other one was a really quick read… Still, I’m not complaining. 😀



# Pages read today: 49 (Serafina And The Black Cloak) + 163 (Dead Wood) + 10 (All The Truth That’s In Me)
# Total pages read: 485
# Books continued: Serafina And The Black Cloak by Robert Beatty // Dead Wood by Dani Amore
# Book started: All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry
# Books finished: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman // Dead Wood by Dani Amore


Ranty Runt Of A Reader is hosting today’s challenge: the rainbow challenge. I love colors so this one is perfect for me! There are two parts:

For the cover challenge, collect books from your bookshelf (physical or virtual) and make yourself a rainbow using the covers. A rainbow is ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). Then take a photo or arrange images of those books into a rainbow, and either post to twitter (@bookybecksa & #boutofbooks), post to your own blog and leave me a link in the comments below or simply comment below with your response!


Sorry for the blurry photo! From left to right the titles I’ve used are:

  • Red: A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin
  • Orange: One Day by David Nicholls
  • Yellow: A Matter Of Honour by Jeffrey Archer
  • Green: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
  • Blue: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Indigo: Careless In Red by Elizabeth George
  • Violet: The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

For the author challenge, use authors surnames to complete an acrostic poem style rainbow of ROYGBIV – you can only use surnames and no prefixes (eg. Vincent van Gogh could be used for a G, not a V). Any ‘writer’ is acceptable, for example, playwrights, poets and comic book/graphic novel authors)

This one is easy peasy since I have a list of my reviews sorted by the author’s last name. 😀

  • R: Rowell, Rainbow
  • O: Orwell, George
  • Y: Yancey, Rick
  • G: Gaiman, Neil
  • B: Bardugo, Leigh
  • I: Irving, Washington
  • V: Vizzini, Ned