Title: Death Of Secrets
(Secrets #1)
Author: Bowen Greenwood
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
First published: January 31st 2014
Finished reading: February 8th 2016
Pages: 336

“I’m not sure what’s left of privacy right now, but whatever is left, I want to keep it for a while.”


I got my copy of Death Of Secrets on a whim some time last year and I decided to pick it up last month because I was in the mood for a mystery/thriller read. Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed at all by this story by Bowen Greenwood. It took me ages to get into the story and I had actually originally decided to DNF it. The slow pace, characters that I couldn’t really care about and a prose that just didn’t grab my attention all disencouraged me to continue reading… And the only reason I decided to finish it in the end is that I almost never DNF a book. I continued reading even thouh I wasn’t convinced by it, and it took me a long time to reach the final page. I don’t like being so negative in my reviews, but it is hard to find positive points in a story I really didn’t like and still wish I hadn’t picked up again… The pace was just beyond slow even though it’s supposed to be an action story and the characters and their actions were not believable. And example? Imagine two main characters spending their time shopping and going on a romantic walk while being on the run from a mysterious enemy that wants to kill them… And then tell me that sounds plausible. The dialogue between the characters felt really unnatural as well. The general idea in Death Of Secrets is actually quite interesting though, but I can’t say that’s enough to actually enjoy the story.


Kathy Kelver is just another student on her way home when she becomes a witness to a murder. Just before the man dies in front of her eyes, he gives her a USB stick and tells her to make sure Jakarta gets it. Kathy is terrified and runs to her dorm to call the cops, but when she goes back with her roommate, the body is gone and all evidence washed away. The police think she didn’t tell the truth, but Kathy soon finds herself in the middle of a very dangerous conspiracy. She has to run for her life and is determined to find out what is on the mysterious computer file on the USB. What she doesn’t know is that that file contains new technology that can change the future and privacy as we know it forever…


The general idea of Death Of Secrets sounds intriguing and I guess that is why I decided to get a copy in the first place. Unfortunately the novel itself ended up being a disappointment. With a slow pace, flat characters with unbelievable actions, a prose that couldn’t catch my eye and a plot that is more than chaotic I almost wish I had sticked with my original decision to DNF it… Because I’m sorry to say I really struggled to finish this read.