Title: The Secrets Of Lake Road
Author: Karen Katchur
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary
First published: August 4th 2015
Finished reading: March 1st 2016
Pages: 309
Rating 3qqq

“There was something about this place that brought out the best and worst in you, pushing you to extremes.”


This book has been recommended to me in the past and I was in the mood for a mystery read, so I decided to just go ahead and read it. While the story didn’t manage to blow me away, The Secrets Of Lake Road was still an interesting enough read. This novel by Karen Katchur is fast-paced and I liked the setting and general idea behind the story. The many descriptions of the Poconos Mountains helped getting a proper feel for the location, although I wasn’t completely convinced by the prose (especially the dialogue). But the main problem I had with this otherwise interesting read is that it’s quite hard to connect to the main characters. Most of them are not exactly likeable and didn’t make it easier to enjoy the story… And the love triangle didn’t really help either. The Secrets Of Lake Road isn’t just a simple mystery read about a dubious drowning though; it also has its dose of family drama and its secrets. If you need a quick read, this novel might be an interesting option.


Jo has been hiding the truth about what really happened the night her high school boyfriend drowned in the lake for sixteen years. She has never found the courage to stay close to the lake for long since… Still, each summer she drops off her children with her mother who still lives at the lakeside community. They don’t know what really happened that night and Jo is determined to keep it a secret. But things are becoming more complicated as a little girl goes missing and the whole community is trying to find her. They think she drowned, but are not able to find her body… And the situation brings back a lot of bad memories. Rescue workers try to find the little girl’s body, but the days pass without them coming up with anything. Things change when they dredge up some bones that people suspect belong to Jo’s boyfriend. Jo fears her secrets no longer will be safe; will they finally find out what really happened that night?


The Secrets Of Lake Road sounds like an interesting enough story, but it does have its flaws. I don’t really like most characters (except maybe Caroline), and some of the prose felt a bit unnatural. The general idea behind the story is really intriguing, but the story did drag at some points… All in all it’s not a bad read, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping for either.