I have been wanting to update my tbr jar for quite some time now, and after seeing this post at Girl Of 1000 Wonders I was finally inspired to kick my procrastinating butt and do something about it. I have to say it was about time! I have been using my TBR jar for the past year or so and it does work with the more liberal rules I’ve made for myself. Still, sometimes I end up with a genre I’m not really in the mood for and I always hate having to force myself to read a book…

So here’s my ‘not so original’ solution: color coding. Nothing too complicated or anything, I’ve just separated the enormous pile of unread and dust-gathering books according to their genre. Here’s how:

  • YELLOW: classics // non fiction // historical // spanish
  • ORANGE: mystery // thriller // horror
  • GREEN: fantasy // dystopia // sci-fi
  • PINK: fiction // contemporary // romance

If a title could belong to different colors, I pick the one that seems dominant from what I can tell after reading the blurb. In the case of series, I’ve only added the first (or next book in line) to my TBR jar. If I own the title of the next book in the series after I finished the one in my TBR jar, I’ll just add the new title afterwards.

It’s needless to say there are a whole lot of green and orange papers inside my new TBR jar haha. Looks like I should be reading more fantasy and mystery/thriller books this year… 😉 I love how colorful the jar looks by the way! ❤

On to the rules for using my TBR jar successfully:

  • I am allowed to draw two papers and pick the title that speaks most to me without it being considered as cheating. Although if the same title comes up three times, I have no choice but to read it.
  • I don’t have to read my TBR jar pick straight away, as long as I finish it within a month.
  • As soon as I start my current TBR jar pick, I need to draw a new title immediately. That way I will be reading more books I normally might not have picked up straight away.
  • Most importantly: have fun! Reading shouldn’t be a chore and if I really don’t like the title, I’m allowed to DNF it and pick a new one.


What about you: do you have a TBR jar? How do you use it and does it actually work for you?