I saw this meme popping up the other day and I thought it would be a fun way to take a closer look at all those beautiful covers out there. Cover Characteristic is hosted at Sugar & Snark and has a weekly theme.


This week is all about covers with CLASSROOMS. Since I couldn’t find any, these covers below will be of books where at least one of the scenes is set in a classroom. There are many many stories with scenes set in a classroom, but these are 5 of my favorite covers. (The runner ups are in no particular order this time)


Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid (read in January 2016; 2,5/5 stars): I like how this cover is simple, but managed to catch your attention. Add a liberal use of my favorite color (blue) and a nice contrast with the white of the paper and the orange, and you have a great cover. A shame the story itself didn’t live up to it though.

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang (read in May 2015; 3/5 stars): Yet another simple cover, but it works. The background is subtle and I like that it has math formulas in the background (since they play a role in the story). I like the detail of the road and car with the title in between as well… The only thing I would have left out myself is the red sentence at the top.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (read in June 2015; 3,5/5 stars): I really like the pastel colors used in this cover, as well as the distribution of the title and added illustrations. I think I would have used white instead of yellow papers though.

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu (read in July 2015; 2/5 stars): I LOVE the color combination, fonts and placement of the title of this cover. The background also relates to the story itself, which is a nice touch. I wish the book would have been just as good as the cover….

Now on to my favorite cover of this week:


1. A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro (read in June 2016; 4/5 stars): This is probably one of my all time favorite covers. It basically has everything I could love in a cover: use of white and dark color, good contrast between title and background, pretty color combination, use of blue… The book itself was a great read as well.

What is your personal favorite out of these 5 covers? And have you read any of these books yourself? Feel free to comment!:)