Title: All The Missing Girls
Author: Megan Miranda
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
First published: June 28th 2016 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Finished reading: June 29th 2016
Pages: 384
Rating 5qqq

“The darkness lives in everyone. She knew this better than anyone. Everyone had two faces, and she looked deep into us until she found it.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


All The Missing Girls had me at the cover and description. I have been wanting to read this book ever since I first heard about it, so when I was lucky enough to have my Netgalley request accepted I put all other books on hold and started reading this title by Megan Miranda straight away. And my instinct was right, because this is without doubt one of the best mystery/thriller books I have read so far this year. Unlike other popular titles using the unreliable narrator technique (think of The Girl On The Train or Gone Girl), All The Missing Girls did manage to convince me completely. The plot is told backwards, giving an introduction first and then counting back to the day the second girl went missing, which is without doubt highly original. I can understand why some people might find it confusing, since you don’t have all the facts straight away, but it does add to the whole mystery around the two disappearances and makes reading this story that much more entertaining. Both the fact that the story was told in reverse and the many plot twists, ‘hidden’ facts and references to future chapters had me hooked from the beginning and turned All The Missing Girls into a true pageturner. The plot is intriguing and the story is without doubt well written. The main characters are basically all hiding something and their information is unreliable, but somehow I did manage to connect to them anyway. Nic might not be that likeable and the story did have a love triangle, but the rest of the story was so good that I wasn’t really bothered by it. All The Missing Girls is without doubt a must-read for fans of the mystery/thriller genre!


Nicolette Farrell decided to leave her rural hometown Cooley Ridge after her best friend, Corinne, disappeared ten years ago. They never found her, and Nic has been trying to create a new life elsewhere. When she is back home to help her brother Daniel tie up a few loose ends regarding the estate of their sick father, things soon take a turn for the worse. Because the old wound of Corinne disappearing without a trace is suddenly wide open again when her neighbor Annaleise goes missing… And since the decade-old investigation focused on Nic, Daniel, her then boyfriend Tyler and Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson, the four are suddenly under suspicion again. Because Annaleise wasn’t just Nic’s neighbor, but also the group’s alibi the night Corinne went missing… Told backwards – day 15 to day 1 – Nic tries to unravel the truth about not only Annaleise’s disappearance, but also about what really happened to Corinne. And it seems like everyone has been hiding a lot of secrets all these years…


The mystery/thriller genre is one of my favorites, and All The Missing Girls has without doubt everything I look for in a great suspense read. This book has an intriguing plot, many plot twists, the story is well written, fast-paced and basically makes it really hard for you to stop reading. I love that the story is told in reverse; it’s really original and only added to the reading experience. I also liked how little ‘insignificant’ details of previous chapters suddenly became important with each new chapter… It definitely makes you rethink the whole situation constantly while you are reading and I will probably reread All The Missing Girls at some point to see if I remembered the ‘hidden’ clues right. This book is without doubt recommended!