Teaser Tuesdays #102 – July 12th: The Sister


TEASER TUESDAYS is a weekly book meme originally featured at Books And A Beat. To participate, just open the book you are currently reading to a random page, and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences from somewhere on that page. (no spoilers!)

This week I’m reading one of my Netgalley reads: The Sister by Louise Jensen. So far it’s a really well written, fast-paced and intriguing read… It has an ‘unreliable narrator’ feel and the plot switches between past and present without giving you all the details straight away, but in this case it’s really well done. It definitely adds to the whole mystery around Charlie and Grace!


My teaser (59%):

“The engine thrummed as I sat in the car checking my mirrors, making sure I hadn’t been followed, before I stepped out and hurried down the path. I was constantly edgy, jumping at the smallest of things: the tree in the front garden casting shadows in my bedroom, dogs barking.”

What are you reading right now?

16 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesdays #102 – July 12th: The Sister

  1. I get what you mean about ‘unreliable narrator’ but I hope this will be a good read for you all the way.I am glad that you are enjoying is so far.

    I am reading The Stepmother by Claire Seeber.

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    • I just finished The Sister and I really enjoyed it! Part of the plot twist was what I was expecting, but there were also a few surprises about what really happened. Definitely a good read though.

      And I actually started reading The Stepmother last week, but I couldn’t really get a feel for the story… I have it on hold, but I will give it another go before the weekend (since the publish date is close). How do you feel about The Stepmother so far?


      • I am glad that you enjoyed The Sister.I also found some few surprises which I liked. I kept guessing things wrong. The Stepmother is a little different. I also struggled to get into it at first and had to make myself read it due to the nearing publication date. I thought it was okay but not that good. I hope that you will have a different experience when you read it though.

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      • Hmm sounds like we had similar thoughts about The Stepmother so far… I’m going to continue it after I finish The Girl With All The Gifts and I hope it will get better, but I’m sure I will end up having similar thoughts.


  2. That sounds very spooky , I have put it on my TBR on Goodreads and hopefully i’ll be able to buy it soon and read it as well

    Thanks for following my blog and the link to your blog which I dare say looks amazing , looking forward to reading more stuff from your blogs 🙂

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    • I know the feeling! I’m not requesting any new titles for now since I have so many other titles I want to read as well… The Sister doesn’t have an archive date yet though, so you might be able to request it later on if you want. 😉

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