Books I’ve Read While I Was Away: Part 2


Find Part 1 here. I had quite some free time to read during my trip, and I managed to finish a lot of books including A Dance With Dragons, which is HUGE. In this second part you can find a list of the last nine books I’ve read during my weeks away; each with a short review. Full reviews will be coming up during the next couple of weeks as I write them!


10. The Final Trade by Joe Hart
11. A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin
12. Careless In Red by Elizabeth George (DNF)
13. The Private School Murders by James Patterson
14. Fallen Mangrove by Wayne Stinnett
15. The Honor Was Mine by Elizabeth Healey
16. Taal Is Zeg Maar Echt Mijn Ding by Paulien Cornelisse
17. The Girls by Lisa Jewell
18. The Hope That Kills by Ed James

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