I was tagged by Emily at A Keyboard And An Open Mind the other day, and I thought it was appropriate to follow up since I have been reading so many Netgalley titles lately in the first place. Thanks again for the tag!


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# Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about?


Hmm tough question. Right now that would probably be between Barry Lyga (Jasper Dent!!!), V.E. Schwab (Shades Of Magic) and Leigh Bardugo (The Grisha/Six Of Crows). Although there are many many authors I love…

# Request: What makes you want to request a book that you see on NetGalley?

Call me superficial, but the cover is normally the first thing that attracts my attention. That and the description and known publishers… Bookouture is one of my favorite Netgalley publishers so far with all those awesome mystery/thriller ARCs.

# Feedback Ratio: Do you review every book you read? If not, how do you decide what books to review?

Yes, I always review the books I read. Especially if they are ARCs, because somehow it feels wrong and disrespectful to ignore the fact that the publishers/authors were kind enough to send a free copy in the first place. I do admit I’m a bit behind right now with my pending reviews haha.

# Badges: If you could create your own badge to display on your blog, what would it be for?

I don’t know?! I liked Emily’s idea of favorite genres; it does help publishers understand what sort of books you would probably enjoy reading.

# Wish for It: What’s one book that you are absolutely dying to read?


Most definitely Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I have a copy waiting for me on my kindle, but I want to reread Six Of Crows and I’m kind of drowning in a pool of ARCs right now. I’m determined to make time before the end of the month though!

# 2016 NetGalley Challenge: What was the last book that you received as an ARC that you reviewed? If you’ve never received an ARC, what’s the last book you reviewed?


The last ARC review I finished is The Honor Was Mine by Elizabeth Heaney, which will be posted tomorrow. It’s a brilliant memoir where the author tells us about her experience counseling soldiers and their family members as well as personal experiences of the soldiers themselves. Highly recommended!

That’s it for this tag! Feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to join the fun. Have a great week everyone!