2017 Beat The Backlist


I know that technically there still is more than a month of 2016 left, but I saw this new 2017 challenge mentioned by Donna over at Chocolatenwaffles’ Blog and I just HAD to join. (P.S. visit her blog if you haven’t already, she’s awesome. 😀 )

The 2017 Beat The Backlist challenge is hosted over at Novelknight AND also includes a Harry Potter themed mini challenge; how cool is that?! Of course I will be joining that one as well, proudly trying to win the Hogwarts House Cup along with my fellow Ravenclaws. (Yes, I finally checked Pottermore and I can now officially say that’s my house.)


# What is the ‘2017 Beat The Backlist’ challenge about? #

This challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st 2017 is all about finally reading all those poor neglected books that have been collecting dust for way too long, ignored and/or pushed aside for new releases and ARCs. And since my TBR pile is about to explode and I’m definitely guilty of the above, I will set my goal to read 50 books that have been published before 2016 next year. And not only that, at least 20 of them will have to be published before 2013… I know I have read WAY more books than that this year so far, but I’m ashamed to admit more than a third of them have been books published in 2016. Oops?!


In short, my goals for this challenge will be:

  • read 50 books published before 2016
  • read 20 books published before 2013
  • review each book 
  • update challenge post monthly

# TBR #

Since I will be trying to read a few titles that have been on my shelves for a while next month, I will be making a proper TBR closer to the end of this year. But if I can’t get to them before, I can promise that titles like the Red Rising trilogy, Outlander and The Darkest Minds will sure be mentioned.

Make sure to check out the official challenge page at Novelknight and sign up if you want to join the fun! Your TBR pile will thank you. 😉