Title: Another Day Gone
Author: Eliza Graham

Genre: Historical Fiction, Contemporary
First published: November 22nd 2016
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Finished reading: December 2nd 2016
Pages: 322
Rating 2,5qqq

“Come on, sweetheart, or it’ll be another day gone.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


Another Day Gone belongs to one of my favorite genres, so it is easy to say I had high hopes for this book. Historical fiction, set during various generations, interesting blurb… It ticked all the right boxes, but unfortunately I ended up having a hard time enjoying this novel written by Eliza Graham. I couldn’t get a proper feel for the story OR characters and it was all kind of confusing at times. It took a long time for it to become clear what the story exactly was about and to connect the different chapters and characters correctly. The plot twists and hidden information about the past were probably supposed to be tactics to increase the suspense, but I actually found them rather annoying instead of entertaining. That said, it does show Another Day Gone is a well-researched story and there is no doubt it has a lot of potential. I seem to be in the minority when it comes to my opinion, because most people seem to love it, but I’m afraid I just couldn’t warm up to the story or characters. If you like the genre, I would suggest still giving it a try though, because it might just be another case of the ‘unpopular opinion curse‘.


Just before the outbreak of WWII a terrorist bomb explodes on a busy street in Coventry. A man is hanged based on the witness account of a young girl, but as time goes on the girl is starting to doubt her testimony. It’s too late to save the man, but that doesn’t mean she will ever forget… Over sixty years later, Sara returns to her childhood home in the wake of the 7/7 London bombings. There she discovers that her sister Polly, who was missing for more than ten years, has finally returned. Why did she come back now? And where did she go in the first place? And that is not the only mystery in the family, as their nanny, Bridie, seems to be hiding a family secret of her own…


Like I said before, Another Day Gone has a lot of potential and it is without doubt a well-researched novel with an interesting topic. That said, I can’t say I actually enjoyed reading this story. It had a slow pace and I had a hard time getting a proper feel for the story. It was quite confusing how the different chapters and characters fit together at first, and while that might have been done to increase the suspense, I personally couldn’t appreciate it. I seem to be in the minority though, so give this novel a try if you think you would enjoy it.