It’s All About Books has reached 1.000 Followers!


I almost spit my coffee right back at the screen when I opened my blog this morning… I stared and stared at the right side of the page, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks with me or if the coffee was making me see double. But no, there were actually FOUR numbers before the word ‘followers‘!


I’m not sure when exactly this happened and I wouldn’t have dreamed of this many people wanting to read my random bookish rambles when I first started It’s All About Books. This has totally made my day!! Thank you awesome fellow book nerds, you guys rock my socks!! ❤ ❤ ❤




53 thoughts on “It’s All About Books has reached 1.000 Followers!

  1. Woo hoo, how cool. Writing the blog is great, but it is a lovely feeling to know that plenty of others are reading what you write. Congrats, heres to the next 1000!! 😉
    Amanda. ps. I’m 1 of those 1021. xx

    • Thanks! I totally agree; I love writing blog posts and rambling about books with fellow book lovers, but it’s nice to know someone is actually reading them. 😉

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