ARC REVIEW: Those Who Lie – by Diane Jeffrey


Title: Those Who Lie
Author: Diane Jeffrey

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
First published: January 27th 2017
Publisher: HarperCollinsUK
Finished reading: January 17th 2017
Pages: ?
Rating 3,5qqq

“Everything looks the same, but everything has changed, she realises with a jolt. She has the strange impression that she has just stepped into someone else’s life.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and HarperCollinsUK in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


Is it just me or has the whole amnesia angle been quite a popular angle in psychological thrillers lately? I personally don’t mind that much because I find it fascinating to read about, but it does get less original… Luckily in Those Who Lie, amnesia doesn’t actually play as big as a role as I thought initially. Sure, the main character Emily Klein suffers from mild amnesia after the accident and doesn’t remember the details around her husband’s death, but that is only minor compared to her very messed up past and her history with mental illness and eating disorders. Those elements turn her into what is basically the perfect unreliable narrator and an easy victim to anyone who wants to play with her mind. The writing was very enjoyable and the story itself quite intriguing, although I do have to say I kind of already guessed the ending about 60% into the story and it was kind of predictable. The lack of surprise put a minor damper on things, but I still found it enjoyable to find out all the details on both what exactly happened to Emily to made her into the person she is today and what really happened to her husband. If you are looking for an entertaining and fast-paced psychological thriller, Those Who Lie is definitely a great choice.


When Emily Klein wakes up in the hospital, she doesn’t remember what happened to her or how she ended up in the hospital in the first place. Even worse, she doesn’t even know her husband has died until the day of his funeral… Apparently, the two were in their car and it crashed, but was it really a tragic accident or is there more at play? Emily is trying to piece together the events before his death and get her memory back. But does she really want to remember what is going on? Or are some things better left alone?


Even though the ending wasn’t exactly a surprise, there were still quite a few plot twists that did manage to do so. And more importantly, the writing style was very enjoyable to read and I was able to finish Those Who Lie in record time due to its fast pace. The main character might not be all that likeable, but she is without doubt intriguing and I liked both her development and learning more about her past. All in all a worthy psychological thriller!


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12 thoughts on “ARC REVIEW: Those Who Lie – by Diane Jeffrey

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    • I guess the amnesia doesn’t really play that big of a role in this one; it’s rather that the MC is confused because of her complicated past and the mental illness/eating disorders she has to deal with. I agree some thrillers are slow, but I liked the pace in this one.

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    • Ah YESSS!! That is the perfect way to describe the hype around the whole amnesia angle… It’s an interesting topic, but when abused can get a bit repetitive. Luckily in this one it didn’t play that big of a role. 😉

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  6. I literally JUST finished a thriller that worked the amnesia angle too. The book was just ok. What I did like about the book (In the Light of What We See) was that we actually knew part of what the main character forgot due to the amnesia, so it did enhance the suspense aspects. Sometimes I think amnesia can be a bit of a cop out that authors use as a crutch.

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    • I agree; what used to be a new, original and refreshing element has now been used (and abused) way too much… I used to pick up a story just because it mentioned an amnesia angle, but I’m starting to get more picky with my choices after a few mediocre ones. The way they used it in your title sounds quite interesting though.

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