Bout Of Books 19: Goals and TBR

Bout Of Books 19 is starting tomorrow!! I’m definitely excited to be joining another BoB readathon… For those who aren’t familiar yet with this challenge: it’s all about reading as many books as you want/can and having fun along the way.  The best part: you can make your own goals! For the official rules, check the Bout Of Books page and below:

Now Bout Of Books 19 is about to start, it’s time to think about my goals and a possible TBR… I might change things around along the way depending on what books I’m in the mood with, but we’ll see. First my goals:


  • Finish and review 3 books
  • Read 150 pages each day
  • Join a challenge
  • Most importantly: have fun!!

I’ve decided to include mostly ARCs in my TBR since I need to read those anyway, but I couldn’t resist squeezing in one of my personal reads as well. I love Neil Gaiman‘s books and Stardust has been on my TBR for way too long now! It’s actually one of the few exceptions where I’ve seen the movie before reading the book… I’m definitely looking forward to finally read it.


  • Stardust by Neil Gaiman (266 pages)
  • Aurabel by Laura Dockrill (304 pages) NETGALLEY
  • Manipulated Lives by H.A. Leuschel (274 pages) ARC
  • Heartborn by Terry Maggert (238 pages) ARC
  • The Roses Of May by Dot Hutchison (300 pages) NETGALLEY

It’s not too late to sign up if you want to join the fun!!

Do you particiate in the Bout Of Books 19 readathon? Feel free to leave your link! 


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ARC REVIEW: Anything For Her – by Jack Jordan @_JackJordan_

Title: Anything For Her
Author: Jack Jordan

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
First published: June 1st 2015
Publisher: JJP
Finished reading: May 3rd 2017
Pages: 370

“What I’ve learned, Dominic, is that it isn’t us that’s weird, for not following the rules – it’s those who cannot think for themselves that are the weird ones.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and JJP in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


I actually added this title to my list shortly after reading and enjoying My Girl last year, and I’m still not sure why it took me this long to finally pick it up. I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers and I really like Jack Jordan‘s writing style. It’s fast, it’s entertaining and it manages to catch your attention right from the first page. Anything For Her starts out strong and stays that way during the rest of the story. The whole mystery around ‘that night’ is intriguing and definitely makes you want to keep on reading… I don’t think I agree with the choices the main character Louise makes, but it is without doubt a very suspenseful read with quite a few plot twists. I sort of saw some of them coming, but others managed to surprise me and all in all I had a very good experience reading this book. In fact, I think I enjoyed this debut even slightly better than My Girl… Although both titles are more than recommended. The characters are without doubt interesting as well even though some are not all that likeable, and it was quite easy to relate to most of them (not the cheating husband though; he deserves the worst). If you are looking for your next psychological thriller read, Anything For Her is a great choice.


Louise and her family used to have a perfectly happy life, up until that one fateful night… Only Louise and her daughter Brooke know exactly what happened that night, but the consequences affect all of them. Louise has grown distant and Brooke is depressed; her husband ended up cheating on her with her own sister. But things can always get worse… Because one day Brooke is suddenly missing. What has happened to her? And does it have to do with that night?


If you like suspenseful reads that are both well written, keep you on the edge of your seat and entertain you along the way, Anything For Her is a great choice. The characters are maybe not all that likeable, but they feel realistic and ‘that night’ will haunt you right until you find out the complete truth. There are some very interesting plot twists as well and I liked the ending, which was quite original. Recommended!


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