January-April 2017: The Numbers

Ever since I first started to keep track of the books I read with the help of an Excel spreadsheet last year, I’ve been putting together these wrap up graphics every four months. It seems like only last month I wrote my last The Numbers post… But the calendar doesn’t lie: it’s May already which means it’s time for another round of bookish graphics.

First of all some quick facts. In the first four months of 2017 I have read no less than 68 books with a total page count of 22.725 pages; an average of about 334 pages per book. The average rating is 3,79 stars, which is a lot higher than last year and shows I’ve been enjoying my books so far this year! Especially since it also includes one 0 star rating (DNF). 26 books had a 4,5 or 5 star rating and 17 books received a rating 3 stars or below… Which means I enjoyed reading about 75% of the books this year, not bad! Another fun fact: 47 of the 68 books I’ve read so far were actually ARCs; about 69% of the total.

And now some graphics for those who like them as much as I do. 😉

This graphic above explains exactly why my average rating is so high, because the highest ratings seem to have taken over completely. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many 4, 4,5 and 5 star ratings together in such a short period!!

I’m ashamed to admit I have yet to pick up a Middle Grade read this year… It’s not that I don’t like reading them, but with so many ARCs and other YA/Adult reads, I just haven’t had time. I’m hoping to read at least one by the next graphic post though! I’m also pleased that more than half of my books have been Adult books…

One of the things I’ve been trying to do this year is read more books by male authors, because somehow I always seem to be reading more books my female authors (even though I never base my choice of books on the gender of the author). I’m pleased my percentage of male author went up 7% since last time!

The main genre is basically the most dominant genre I think each book belongs to. As always mystery/thriller/horror is the biggest group (there’s truly no surprise there for those who follow my blog!), and both fantasy and (realistic) fiction are well represented as well. I’m happy with the numbers for the other genres though; they seem to be spread out more evenly this year.

I’m very happy with this average rating graphic! Because for the first time my favorite genres are actually among the highest ratings. Both mystery/thriller horror (3,77 rating), historical fiction (3,75 rating) and fantasy (3,63 rating) score pretty high even though each genre had some low ratings as well. (Realistic) fiction is a clear winner though with a whopping (4,64 rating). Almost a perfect score!

I’ve been reading more stand-alones since I started with this graphic posts, and I’m actually quite happy with this. As much as I love reading series, I tend to neglect them with the result of a huge pile of unfinished series collecting dust. And there is no such problem with stand-alones! 😉

Boy do I feel bad about this graphic! I joined the Beat The Backlist challenge and have other challenges as well to help me read older titles, and somehow only a meager 12% of the books I’ve read in 2017 are published in 2014 or before. Oops? To make things worse, almost half of the books have been published this year… I guess it does show I have been reading mostly ARCs so far. xD I’m hoping to change this number by the next post!

Last graphic: as always most books I’ve read have between 300 and 399 pages, which seems to be a pretty good number and a  sign of a story that’s not too short and not too long. There are exceptions of course; some stories are just too complex to be told in under 400 pages… What I am happy about is that I’ve read quite a few longer books as well; a total of 25% of my books had over 400 pages. Fingers crossed I’ll keep this up!

Tired of numbers yet? I know I am! That’s it for this January-April 2017 review… Happy reading everyone!


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33 thoughts on “January-April 2017: The Numbers

    • I’ve actually made an Excel spreadsheet last year and I’m keeping track of all the stats there. It takes a little work updating, but I guess the result is worth it.

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      • Wow that’s great and intense. I may start off with two aspects or so like genre and page count and see how I feel. Thanks though and even though I’m sure you find it tedious, I think this numbers post was great. Great job 👍🏾

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve discovered that as long as I remembered to update regularly (let’s say at least twice a month), it doesn’t take too long to update the spreadsheet. 🙂 Good luck with yours!

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      • Lol okay good that gives me hope. I thought I was going to have to update like everyday or something. Oh I will figure it out. It’s all about prioritizing and organizing myself to make it happen.

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      • I always try to sit down whenever I have a bunch of new books finished (five or more) and then add all the details to the spreadsheet with a little help from goodreads and my review. That way works great for me but I’m sure you’ll find a way that works for you as well. 🙂


    • I was actually surprised by this number, especially since I dont read a lot of woman fiction/chicklit… But then again I don’t think I read a lot of books especifically focused on a male target group either.


    • Yeah, I’ve definitely been reading way more ARCs than expected this year… I’m hoping to read more of my own books after I finish my current ARC pile though.


  1. Love this! Since I started my blog at the beginning of the year I’ve been tracking my reading stats on a spreadsheet. I may have just stolen some of your measurements, you have some interesting things I’ve not been tracking so columns added, I’ll finish filling in the extra details at the weekend.

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    • Feel free to borrow away! I’ve been slowly adding details to mine as well ever since I first started keeping track of things with a spreadsheet… It takes a little work, but it’s definitely worth it in the end! 🙂

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  2. I love this post! I started tracking my reading on an Excel spreadsheet this year and I love all the graphs and charts, and seeing how my reading breaks down. It’s fab to see all your graphs – it looks like you’re having an excellent reading year so far and I hope it continues for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, great to hear you are enjoying your spreadsheet experience so far! I really like finally being able to keep better track of my reading. I hope the next few reading months will be great for you as well! 🙂

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      • I’m having problems with the graphics part. I’ve tried to use Microsoft Word to make the graphics , but it won’t make the graphs for the information provided. I still have the spreadsheet you gave me, but I can’t get the graphics to work.

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      • Did my spreadsheet you got have a column with the different details and their formulas to get the number of books next to them to the far right?? For example: publish date and then below the different years I read, and next to them the books that were published in those years?? To create a graphic, just select those two columns (in this case, the publish years and the column next to it) and the graphic should come out ok.

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