#BoutOfBooks 19.0 – Day 4 Update

Bout Of Books 19.0 day four might just have been the slowest reading day yet, but I did manage to finish another title and that brings the number of finished books to three. Not that bad at all! I also wrote three book reviews last night, so that explain why I had less time to read as well. I’ve now completed my first goal of this readathon of reading and reviewing three books! 😀 And I’m hoping to finish Liar by the end of today…

DAY 4: THURSDAY MAY 11th 2017

# Pages read today: 63 (Roses Of May) + 98 (Liar) + 0 (Aurabel)
# Total pages read: 1.216
# Books continued: Aurabel by Laura Dockrill // Roses Of May by Dot Hutchison
# Books finished: Enchanters by K.F. Bradshaw (3/5 stars) // Room by Emma Donoghue(5/5) // Roses Of May by Dot Hutchison (3,5/5)
# Book startedLiar by K.L. Slater


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8 thoughts on “#BoutOfBooks 19.0 – Day 4 Update

  1. You’re doing really well! I just finished my first book last night, but I’m now done with my semester so no more homework which means more reading time for the rest of the readathon! Yay!! Glad to see you really enjoyed Room. I have it on my TBR, although I have no idea when I’ll actually get to it, haha.

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