WWW Wednesdays #141 – June 14th

WWW WEDNESDAYS is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words and is all about answering the three questions below.


I’m currently reading The Book Of Whispers by Kimberley Starr, which I admit was mostly a cover-title obsession. I didn’t realize before that it had such a low Goodreads rating OR the fact that demons play such a big role in the story, and I don’t think this one is for me… Besides the demon overload, I’m not really connecting to the writing style or characters either. I’m about to start Can’t Buy Forever by Susan Laffoon as well; an ARC that I’ve had pending for way too long now.

I’ve also made quite some progress with the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott since last week…. And I have a question for Little Women fans out there. I got a kindle version on Amazon and I’m confused: is Little Women actually originally divided in two parts or is part two a sequel? It’s just that the ending of part one sounded so much like a real ending and part two skipped years… (Part two starts with a wedding)


1. And I Darken by Kiersten White (4/5 stars) REVIEW 
It took me a long time to finally pick up my copy of And I Darken, but I’m definitely glad I’ve done so. I’ve fallen in love with Kiersten White‘s writing style and her ability to create an extensive worldbuilding filled with excellent descriptions and an intriguing plot. And while it wasn’t the 5 star read I thought it would be after reading the first few chapters, there is no doubt a very much enjoyed reading Lada, Radu and Mehmed’s story and I can’t wait to find out what the future has in store.

2. Guilty by Laura Elliot (3/5 stars) REVIEW
Guilty has without doubt a lot of potential and the plot itself is both complex and intriguing. The pace was a bit slow though and I had a hard time connecting to the main characters. They are not exactly likeable and this made connecting to the story a lot more difficult. The development of the characters over time is interesting, although I’m not sure up to what point some actions are actually credible. In short I ended up having mixed thoughts, but I can definitely understand why the right person would love this psychological thriller. And a last random note: the plinks just sound lovely!

3. Now I Rise by Kiersten White REVIEW 15/06
Ok I’m still recovering from this one so I need some time to get my thoughts together! No rating until then, but let’s just say it was GOOD.


I really need to make a dent into my pile of ARCs so all four of these are just that… The first is The Weight Of Lies by Emily Carpenter, which I just HAD to pick up after all those glowing reviews. I also still need to read The Merchant’s Pearl by Amie O’Brien… And both Each Little Lie by Tom Bale and Slip by David Estes are high on my list as well.


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33 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays #141 – June 14th

  1. Little Women was written in two volumes, in 1868 and 1869. It tells you more about the history of the book here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Women) if you’re interested, but it kind of reminds me of Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes, where the readers wanted to know more about the characters (or in Doyle’s case, didn’t want the character to die), and so the author continued on with the story.

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    • Thank you for clarifying that! It definitely makes more sense for them to be two different volumes since part one ended with such a closed ending… I might end up reviewing both parts separately so I can read part two when I’m in the mood again for classics. 😉

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      • Yeah I agree. It depends on the classic, but Little Women is turning out to be quite a long read for me… I really wanted to love it as so many name it their favorite, but I ended up being underwhelmed. I could see the signs, but I still struggled to fully enjoy it myself… And it makes me wonder if it just wasn’t the right time to read it.

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      • That could be. Half the battle for me is reading a book at the right time. It seems that if I read a book that I’m not in the right frame of mind for, I don’t enjoy it. I’ll try it again later, and end up enjoying it.

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    • The first two Conqueror’s Saga books are definitely great! 😀 And I loved The Book Of Whispers cover; such a shame I didn’t read the blurb thoroughly enough to realize the demon overload. xD Happy reading!

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    • I should probably follow your lead and read a few of my own books as well haha. At least the first book was a non-ARC… 😉 Both books are definitely great reads though! I’m already looking forward to book three.


    • Haha I’m not a big fan of demons either! I still don’t know how I didn’t see them mentioned before requesting this title. Blame the cover and title being so distracting. xD Guilty can go either ways I guess, although I’m not 100% sure whether to recommend it to you as my experience wasn’t that positive haha. Enjoy your books as well! ❤

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  2. I’ve spotted a few of your upcoming reads on NetGalley but so far I’m sticking to my request ban (most of the time). No doubt you’ll read them, love them and I’ll get all jealous but I may hit that 80% 😂

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    • I’m impressed you are able to! I just can’t help myself most of the time. 😂 I guess reading mostly ARCs this year did leave me with kind of a buffer… I have 19 pending NG ARCs right now, but somehow my ratio is 83%…

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    • It was definitely just as good and maybe even slightly better than the first… It’s hard to compare them though because they have a different focus, but Now I Rise has definitely confirmed my love for this series for me. 😀

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