I’ve recently decided to create a separate place to share my recent Bookstagram photos rather than squeezing them all into one huge wrap up post every month. I’ve only started using Instagram for my bookish photos back in January but I have quickly fallen in love with the Bookish community there. And while I don’t think my photos come even close to the many gorgeous accounts and photos there, I’m having a lot of fun adding my own photos to the mix!

This week I posted four times, although the last post actually had three photos (the other two my computer somehow refused to load). One bookstack, three books and two furry friend related ones… The last post actually has two photos of both my cats together!! It took them three months, but they are finally not fighting anymore and Jasmine is even trying to be friendly haha. My favorite photo this week is probably the What To Say Next one because blue is my favorite color, but I like how all of these have turned out. 🙂

Feel free to add me at @yvo_about_books if you want to! I will always follow back bookish accounts.

On to the photo spam:


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