Friday Finds #141 – July 14th

FRIDAY FINDS showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. Below a selection of my newest additions; click on the book descriptions to go to its Goodreads page! 😀

My finds:

Have a great weekend everyone!


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23 thoughts on “Friday Finds #141 – July 14th

  1. Great picks Yvo! I got declined in a netgalley for Devils & Thieves 😩 It has my name written all over it they just don’t know it yet 😂 I did get approved for Artemis & im very excited to get to that one. Happy Reading Yvo 💙📚💙

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    • I haven’t requested a copy yet mostly because I think they will recline it in the first place haha. But it does sound great! And I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed my Artemis request will get approved. 😉 Happy reading!

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      • Lol, ahhh I do that sometimes. My fear of rejection still has me abstaining from requesting physical arcs 😩in due time though lol. I’m so happy to have gotten approved for Artemis, I have faith in you getting approved too 😉💕

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      • In a way I’m also afraid it gets approved because I really want to focus on my non-ARCs as well… Dilemma dilemma haha. And I don’t even try physical ARCs because I just live in the wrong country/continent for that. xD (Shipping is crazy expensive and I guess the only way would be request Latin ARCs in Spanish, but I don’t think they would send copies since my blog is 100% English. xD )

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      • Omg I can relate! 😂😂😂I haven’t read much of anything from my physical shelves all year long smh. I’ve def cut back on requesting & even have a spreadsheet where I’m keeping track of everything for sanity purposes lol. Oh 😕sorry to hear that Yvo, I know of some other bloggers in the same predicament & that makes me appreciate the ones I have all the more. If you don’t mind me asking, which country do you live in?

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      • I couldn’t do without my spreadsheet anymore either; it definitely has helped take control over my ARC mountain haha. And I’ve been living in Argentina for the last couple of years now! I do miss some things of Europe, but I would never ever change it for my experiences living in Latin America. 😀

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      • Eeeek! I never got the notification for this message, sorry Yvo 😩 Argentina 😍 in my bucket list to visit. I can only imagine how awesome it must be to actually live there ☺️

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      • It’s definitely a wonderful country to visit and so diverse as well! I still have to travel in the South, but the North is lovely. And yes, I’ve definitely fallen in love with the country and people and not just because my hubby is a local. 😉


    • I LOVED The Martian and I’m not even that into sci-fi, so I can’t wait for Artemis! Sadly my NG request wasn’t approved, but I will definitely try to get a copy as soon as it’s available.

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