With less than one hundred days left in 2017, I thought it was about time to put some of my favorite reads of this year in the spotlight. Out of the 160 books I’ve read so far, I managed to add a total of 15 new 5 star reads to my list of favorites. That’s a lot of books to talk about in just one post, so I’ve decided to split them into three IN THE SPOTLIGHT posts in the order I read them. Before I continue with the first five, another fun fact: I also had 33 books with a 4,5 star rating (almost perfect) and another 37 books with a 4 star rating. Looks like 2017 has brought me a lot of good books so far!

And now on to the first 5 books with a 5 star rating… Click on the links to go to the full reviews.

### NUMBER 1: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda (NETGALLEY ARC)

My rambles: If you like suspenseful, well written and plot twist-filled psychological thrillers, you are in for a treat. The Perfect Stranger ticks all those boxes and more… And I’m not even talking about the gorgeous cover. I’ve read The Perfect Stranger twice now and the story still managed to keep me under its spell. Every main character seems to be having something to hide and you don’t get the full picture of what is going on until the very end. Suspense at its best!

### NUMBER 2: Mosquitoland by David Arnold 

My rambles: Now I’ve finally read Mosquitoland, I cannot stop asking myself why I haven’t read it sooner. Because boy, this story has literally blown me away. Mim has won over my heart with her quirkiness and strange habits and all, and I enjoyed reading ever single moment of her road trip and adventures. The writing is more than excellent and has an unique feel about it; the characters are what make this story stand out from the rest as well. More than recommended!

### NUMBER 3: The One Memory Of Flora Banks by Emily Barr (NETGALLEY ARC)

My rambles: If you look critically, The One Memory Of Flora Banks actually has a plot that isn’t all that credible and even has a hint of a love triangle. I’m normally not a big fan of either, but in this case it was all completely forgotten thanks to the lovely writing and more importantly: Flora Banks. Flora is basically what makes this story and is without doubt one of my new favorite characters! I love how she is able to overcome her anterograde amnesia and do all the things she does. The One Memory Of Flora Banks is definitely a story that is worth the hype and more than recommended!

### NUMBER 4: Making Faces by Amy Harmon (NETGALLEY ARC)

My rambles: All the raving reviews were absolutely right: this story is simply brilliant. I fell in love with both the characters, writing style and plot and this story will definitely stay with me for quite some time. Sure, some of it might be a little cheesy if you think about it critically. But if you have characters like Fern, Bailey and Ambrose, it is really easy to put those thoughts aside. I loved the war veteran elements as well; it’s such an important topic and definitely deserves more attention, especially as they are often misunderstood by society. As you might have guessed already, I simply adored Making Faces and I can definitely recommend it to any contemporary fan.

### NUMBER 5: Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner (NETGALLEY ARC)

My rambles: I don’t think I can find something negative about this story, other than that it basically broke my heart and left me nursing a book hangover. The writing style is brilliant and will have you flying through the pages as you ride the emotional rollercoaster. The characters will win over your heart and the plot is both wonderful, sad and has an important lesson. If you like the genre, Goodbye Days is a must-read!


Stay tuned for the other ten 5 star reads I was lucky enough to read this year! Coming soon… Have you read any of these titles above? Did you enjoy them as well? Feel free to comment. 🙂


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