Slump Monster A.K.A. Why I Disappeared

No, It’s All About Books didn’t close for business and I’m still alive… I’m sad to admit that I’m still fighting a very VERY stubborn reading and blogging slump I can’t seem to get rid of. I first mentioned back in July that I was close to a burn out and wasn’t sure how to remedy it. I even made a 5 step plan soon after to help me beat that slump and it seemed to be working for a while, but it turns out I was fighting a bigger monster than I thought. I never had to do this before for reasons other than a vacation break, but in October I was left with no other choice than announcing an unplanned hiatus. I thought it would be a short one and that I would be back before Halloween, but here we are with Christmas around the corner and I only managed to write one meager book review. Oh yes, the slump monster is real and waaaay bigger than I thought. Think Godzilla, think Sauron In LOTR, think Demogorgon/Shadow Monster in Stranger Things, think… Well, you get the idea. Even sitting down and writing down this post took me WEEKS, that’s how bad especially the blogging slump is. I did get back to reading, although I read a lot less books than before, and managed to finish a dozen books or so including IT since October. But the blogging slump is a true unbeatable monster. I guess it didn’t help either that as I slowly started finishing books again, pending reviews started piling up as well as ARC deadlines and other blogging responsabilities. Adding more and more pressure to get started again and only feeding the monster instead of defeating it.

Trust me, it isn’t that I don’t miss blogging and the lovely blogging community. You guys seriously rock and I miss you dearly! ❤ Basically it’s the only reason you can still find me lurking in the background on Twitter and Instagram… But I really miss being around more actively.

So here is me saying sorry if I haven’t visited your blog, answered your comment or mail or simply haven’t been around. Sorry for all those missed deadlines and not reading books in time. It wasn’t me, it was the slump monster… I’m hoping to write a couple of posts on what I’ve been reading and a few other things in the next week or so, and start slowly with those pending reviews and deadlines afterwards. Please bear with me while I do so and slowly catch up with everything! Looking forward to be back. ❤

P.S. Here’s some pet spam to start making up for having disappeared on you all. Our cats Lila and Jasmine and dog Paco say hello!


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37 thoughts on “Slump Monster A.K.A. Why I Disappeared

    • Slumps are the worst right? I’ve had a few before but this one has really grown out of proportions… I’m hoping to start easing back into blogging in the next two weeks or so; we’ll see how things go. Thanks! xx


    • I know right? It seems like only yesterday she was a little baby… She’s ten months old now and huge! I’m doing a Lila post soon with pictures of her growing up soon. 😉 I’m definitely going to take it slow with the review posts to take away the pressure… Although the number is up to 15 pending already. xD

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  1. I agree with Inge. You just went straight back to the pressure and deadlines that you were trying to get away from in the first place. Try to just read for fun, don’t focus on publication days, review when you want to. You don’t have to review every book you read.

    It’s good to see you though! I miss you enormously! ❤️

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    • I’m definitely going to do so! I have about 15 reviews pending but will only write them whenever I feel like it… I prefer being back partly than still missing in action. 😉 I miss blogging too much already! And of course you as well. ❤

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  2. I miss you Yvo and I hope that things get better soon. Try to take it easy and avoid all the pressures, As Eva said, you don’t have to review all books that you read. Even with the missed deadlines, panic not and just post when you can. Reading and blogging should be fun so don’t push yourself too much.

    Take care. Beautiful pics ❤

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    • I’m definitely going to do just that! I’ll write the pending reviews whenever I feel like it and try not to think to much of the deadlines… It worked already since I wrote a new post today as soon as I told myself it didn’t have to be a pending review. 🙂


  3. It’s so good to see you! No pressure Yvonne, these things happen. It seems to me that publishers just want reviews posted even if it’s past publication date, take your time and try not to put so much pressure on yourself. I’m with the other comments, not all books need reviews. Keep it fun! xx
    Love your fur babies 😊

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    • Yeah I guess you are right about that… Late book attention is better than none at all right? I’m definitely going to take it slow and try to avoid falling right back into the slump. And my fur babies say thanks. ❤

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  4. So good to hear from you and see your pet babies! Little Lila has gotten so big, I still love her ears:) I totally understand your slump and have been there. Everyone’s advice is great and I hope you find the spark that brings you back to blogging…so happy you’re reading again though!

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    • I know right? I can’t believe she’s already ten months old! I love how different she looks from Jasmine. I’m happy to be reading again and hopefully taking it slow will help me start blogging again! Fingers crossed.

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  5. It’s great to see you – miss your posts! But I completely understand the slump. I’ve been there so many times. Don’t push yourself to get back into it. Blogging and reading are supposed to be fun, not a chore. You’ll get the urge to do it again eventually! Until then, enjoy the break!!

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  6. Reading/blogging slump is the worst! But don’t worry, we understand. I just hope it goes away real soon since everyone already misses you and your posts! And what lovely cats and dog. 😀

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  7. I totally get this!! I’m in a similar boat over here, having only posted a few times each month since this summer. Also still in a bit of a reading slump, which I feel bad about because I’m behind on my ARCs and reviews… which ends up making the slump worse. Vicious cycle lol. All we can do is just take our time to come back and not push ourselves and eventually we’ll get back in the groove of things. LOVE the kitty and dog pics! I can’t believe how big Lila has gotten!

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    • The vicious cycle is definitely the worst! Fingers crossed we’ll be able to find our way out of our slumps soon… Taking it slow sounds like a good idea to start with. And I know right? She’s basically an adult already and it seems like only yesterday we adopted her…

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  9. Hey there 🙂
    I feel you – I’ve had dry spells as well. Sometimes I just couldn’t muster the time or the effort to blog or even to read. For whatever reason reading used to stress me out during these times and I did not think of it as relaxing at all. By now I’ve learned not to put too much pressure on myself and that not reading for a day or two isn’t the end of the world.
    I sincerely hope you’ll manage to get out of your slump. Never lose hope and keep trying!

    Lots of Love,

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