2018 (Netgalley) ARCS: The Complete List #NGEW2018

I joined this challenge hosted by Bookish Things & More in 2017 and it was a huge success, so I decided to sign up again. I managed to read a whopping 99!! Netgalley ARCs and 26 other ARCs in 2017 (complete list here), but I will be aiming a lot lower this year. Partly because I want to start reading my own books, partly because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get approved for ARCs as an International blogger, but that’s a whole different matter I don’t even want to think about.

I’ll be aiming for SILVER – 25 books.

EDIT: as of August, the challenge is hosted by Tina @ Reading Between The Pages! Also, since I’ve already reached my original goal ages ago, I’ve decided to increase my goal. As of now:

I’ll be aiming for PLATINUM – 75 books.

The list below is a list of ALL the ARCs I’ve been able to read in 2018. This includes other ARCs that won’t count for the Netgalley And Edelweiss challenge; those are marked in orange while the Netgalley ARCs are marked in green.

>>> Last updated July 31st 2018 <<<



Total this month: 10 Netgalley ARCs and 1 other ARCs.


Total this month: 8 Netgalley ARCs and 2 other ARCs.


Total this month: 10 Netgalley ARCs and 2 other ARCs.


Total this month: 10 Netgalley ARCs and 1 other ARCs.

# MAY #

Total this month: 2 Netgalley ARCs and 0 other ARCs.

# JUNE #

Total this month: 11 Netgalley ARCs and 3 other ARCs.

# JULY #

Total this month: 8 Netgalley ARCs and 1 other ARCs.


Total this month: 1 Netgalley ARCs and 0 other ARCs.


FINAL NUMBERS THIS YEAR:  60 Netgalley ARCs and 10 other ARCs.


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21 thoughts on “2018 (Netgalley) ARCS: The Complete List #NGEW2018

    • Shhhh I’m supposed to be not requesting any new ARCs either! Only about 10 left in total and then I’m going to give my poor neglected shelf babies my undivided time. (Ok, who am I kidding, I know Bookouture is going to put up a few thrillers on my most-anticipated list and we all know what is going to happen.) xD xx


    • Yeah, the balance is always tricky… I’m trying to alternate between them until I’ve brought the number of ARCs down below 5; it’s working, but I can’t wait to get to my own books again. Good luck to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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