Oh yes, it’s now official… We are going on a month-long backpacking trip through (Northern) Europe! I’m over the moon to be country hopping again along with my favorite human being A.K.A. my hubby. ❤ ❤ ❤

NOTE: It does mean It’s All About Books will go on an Eurotrip hiatus from April 23rd to June 1st and I won’t be accepting new requests until after that date. 

So what does this so-called Eurotrip entail? Well, we don’t have a fixed travel plan yet (working on that!), but there are a few countries/cities that are already high on our radar. Since we only have a month, we will be sticking mostly to Northern Europe… Starting and ending in the Netherlands so my hubby can get to know the country I was born in. We’ll be arriving just in time for King’s Day, so that will be lots of orange fun there! 😉

Also included are Belgium (including the waffles, chocolate and beer we’ll be trying haha), Switzerland (mountains, more chocolate!!) and Austria (Vienna!!!), possibly Poland, definitely Prague (THE one city I’ve always wanted to visit and somehow never did when I was living in Europe) and then Germany… Maybe Denmark if there’s time, but it already sounds like a lot haha.

This trip is all about backpacking and discovering new places, mostly traveling by train, trying new foods and learning about culture, customs and the local scenery. This will entail a LOT of walking, hiking, biking and other active stuff I’m actually looking forward to despite being horribly out of shape (working on that last part!). xD I can’t wait to discover those Swiss mountains, absorb all that gorgeous arquitecture in the cities, try the local food and learn new things though. ❤


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