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I wasn’t expecting to be getting new titles this close to my trip and hiatus, but I just couldn’t resist these three… The first is a sequel of a new detective series I just couldn’t say no to; the second is the third book of a series I found in the ‘Read Now’ section of NG and my finger hit the button before I even realized it haha. Number three has an element I can’t resist: a book about books. Plus it had a late June deadline and I really need to have some contemporaries ready for when I’m in the mood for one. I’m not sure if I will be able to get to the the first two before I go, but I’m definitely excited to be reading all of them soon!

EDIT: Of course there is no way I could resist DI Robyn Carter’s newest adventure, so book number five The Chosen Ones is of course waiting on my kindle as well (actually about to start it right now). I just didn’t have time yesterday to update my scheduled post before publishing. 😉


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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! ❤


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