Kay Hunter Number 6: Cover Reveal!! @RachelAmphlett

I admit I’m a bit late to the detective Kay Hunter party, but as soon as I started the first book I found myself completely hooked. I’ve joined the Kay Hunter fan club straight away and I’m planning on treating myself with a Kay Hunter marathon soon to bring myself up to date. Why soon? Well, book number six is already coming out next month! Oh yes, detective thriller fans will be in for a treat in July as Gone To Ground will be hitting the stores on July 8th.

But first it’s time to reveal the cover of the newest Kay Hunter installment. And it’s another winner… Want to see? Keep scrolling down!

Curious yet? Almost there!

What an absolute gorgeous cover! I just love the combination of the grey tones and the teal splashes of color. ❤ Simple, but absolutely effective… What do the crows have to do with the story? And the digging machine? I tell you, I can’t wait to find out.

Remember to keep an eye out for the new Kay Hunter Gone To Ground next month! And look out for more of my Kay Hunter reviews coming up soon as well. Trust me, if you are a detective thriller fan, you don’t want to miss this series.


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