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I had originally decided to include this new feature in my monthly wrap ups, but I just felt there were too many facts squeezed into one little post and the whole purpose of putting my favorite reads in the spotlight was lost. So this is me giving those favorites their well deserved extra attention! I had two new 5 star reads in June as well as five other titles with an almost perfect rating. Lots of titles to choose from! But there can be only one the winner… So without further delay, June 2018’s favorite is… *drumroll*

The Date by Louise Jensen!! There was just no way I couldn’t not pick this title as my absolute favorite. I read a lot of thrillers, but this story simply was something else!

What I said in my review:

“Fascinating, highly addictive and utterly absorbing! If you are a fan of the genre, you simply MUST try this one. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

“Holy cow, what a read! I literally dropped everything I was supposed to be doing after reading the first few pages and couldn’t put it down until I reached the very end. Not only is the writing sublime, but the suspense is spot on and I’m always a sucker for the amnesia element.”

Click here for my full review

There was another 5 star read in June (The Border) and five further titles were given a 4,5 star rating. All of them are without doubt excellent reads and deserve all the praise! I’ve decided to include all six titles for honorable mentions, since there are two series involved as well. Here we go:

What I said in my review:

“I really liked how Steve Schafer isn’t afraid to state the hard, painful and shocking facts, describing to us in a realistic way how the teens have to run for their lives.”

“he writing style managed to put me under its spell and I couldn’t let this story go until the very end. Ever feel like putting everything on hold until you reach the final page? That is what happened while I was reading The Border.

Click here for my full review

What I said in my review:

“Dark, gritty, twisted, disturbing, intense… Just keep similar adjectives going, and they will apply to this first encounter with the 4MK killer. What a read!”

“Hooked from the first page? Check. More twistedness and new disturbing and horrifying killings? Check. A healthy dose of plot twist bombs that will leave you absolutely flabbergasted? Check. New insights in the backgrounds of the main characters? Check. Fleshing out of the previous plot while adding a LOT of new suspense and a very strong and promising base for an excellent third book? Check.”

Click here for my full review of The Fourth Monkey // The Fifth To Die 

What I said in my review:

“There is just something about the main character that makes it really easy to like her, and of course the whole mystery around what happened will have you intrigued. I’m rooting for Kay here!”

“Highly addictive, well written and a plot and plot twists that will keep you hooked until the very end! Oh yes, if you are a fan of the genre, you are missing out if you don’t read this series.”

Click here for my full review of Will To Live // One To Watch

What I said in my review:

“Lightning speed pace, excellent writing, dark, twisted, disturbing, suspenseful… Oh yes, this story will keep you in its claws and there is a lot to love here.”

“Imagine a war zone with plot twists bombs dropping on you, danger around every corner and no clue how to reach the ending safely… Trust me, Her Mother’s Grave is a story you won’t soon forget.”

Review will be posted on July 19th

Have you read any of these titles above? What did you think of them? What were your favorite reads in June?


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14 thoughts on “Best Of… June 2018 @bookouture @jdbarker @RachelAmphlett @Lisalregan

  1. Love how you posted this with the snippets! I really don’t like too gritty so I have stayed away from all the “Monkey” books LOL I’m so happy the The Date is doing so well! I’ve seen it at the top of charts. Lisa Regan is up soon for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well hello there! How the heck are you?! Ugh I’ve been so MIA it isn’t even funny. Hope you are well 🙂

    So my book club was just asking me about selecting a thriller book for our next selection… Would The Date make a good book club pick? I feel like most thrillers do…


    • I’ve been MIA as well last week so no worries. 😉 I think The Date is a really good book club read; it’s psychological thriller with a lot of twists and turns to discuss.

      Liked by 1 person

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