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I’m still reading Hunted by Meagan Spooner… Mostly because I decided to finish my previous TBR jar pick first. I’m also starting with another ARC: Broken Dolls by Sarah Flint. I didn’t realize when I requested it it was part of a series, so fingers crossed it won’t be too difficult to follow the plot. I also started Misery by Stephen King last week, but I’ve put it temporarily on hold as I couldn’t get a proper feel for the writing style after a few pages.


1. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut (3/5 stars) REVIEW 27/07
I think Slaughterhouse-Five and me simply got off on the wrong foot. So it goes. It’s not the story, it’s most likely me that’s the problem here. So it goes. While I can completely understand why so many people have so much love for this story, and I can also understand why this is a modern classic, somehow this story just didn’t work for me. I highly enjoyed the historical aspect of the story and the parts set during WWII. I could have handled the time travel elements as well, since they do add dept to the story… But add aliens to the mix and sign me out. So it goes.

2. The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker by Kerry Wilkinson (3,5/5 stars) REVIEW 26/07
This story is definitely something different! I’ve enjoyed his work in the past, and while going down a different road with this story, the writing is just as solid as ever. The plot itself is fascinating and quite original. Ever seen the movie Death Becomes Her with Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep? The main character of this story would be a teenage version of Goldie or Meryl, then mix the story with a murder mystery and add a dose of teenage drama: an improvised recipe for The Death And Life Of Eleanor Parker! Could I have done without the love triangle? Yes please. Did certain aspects of the behavior of the main characters annoy me? Without doubt. But I was so intrigued by Ellie’s situation that I was able to forgive the story for it.

3. Crochet Animal Rugs  by Ira Rott (4/5 stars) REVIEW 27/07
If you are looking for interesting and cute patterns to brighten up your child’s bedroom or gift something adorable to someone else, you will be in for a treat. There are patterns for beginners as well as advanced crocheters, indicated accordingly. There is even advice for left-handed crocheters like myself, which is highly appreciated. This book uses US terminology, but there are useful conversion charts included if you need to convert to different terminology. In the back, stitches are explained clearly with pictures, helping you understand which is which.

4. Thin Wire by Christine Lewry (3/5 stars) REVIEW 29/07
This memoir was my previous TBR jar pick and I title I’ve had on my kindle for over two years now. It is without doubt a difficult read with a difficult theme and in a way I’m struggling to review it. I feel I cannot judge such a personal struggle in any way, but what I can say is what I thought about the story itself. First of all, the pace is quite slow and the story dragged at points; it took me a lot longer than expected to reach the final page. I liked the switches in POV, which made it a bit easier to see both sides of the addiction and its consequences.


As I’ve been saying I need to read more Agatha Christie, I’m going to start with Hercule Poirot book number one The Mysterious Affair At Styles. I also have a pending August ARC lined up: Run And Hide by Alan McDermott. And as part of me trying to read all the books on my monthly TBR for the second month in a row, I want to pick up Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. My new TBR jar pick is An Officer And A Spy by Robert Harris.


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