Remember I signed up for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon a few days ago? I’ve decided to make a separate update post again to keep track of my progress.

I will be doing this readathon from August 31st to September 30th; 31 days of reading like a maniac to get as many prompts and subjects as possible. Because yes, as a true Ravenclaw and with my inner Hermione talking, of course I have to try and get at least an Acceptable in all Hogwarts subjects. The first six subjects are priority though, and as the readathon states I need to get at least one Outstanding as well.

I’m looking forward to see how many books I’ll be able to read before the end of the month!

>> Last updated September 30th 2018 <<

N.E.W.T.s Readathon TBR


(T) Troll Run out of time around 20%
(D) Dreadful Run out of time around 50%
(P) Poor Run out of time but read around 80% of A
(A) Acceptable
(E) Exceeded Expectations
(O) Outstanding

# Hogwards Subjects #

– Charms (O) Outstanding
– Defense Against The Dark Arts (O) Outstanding
– Potions (O) Outstanding
– Transfiguration (O) Outstanding
– Arithmancy (O) Outstanding
– Herbology (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Ancient Runes (O) Outstanding
– Astronomy (A) Acceptable
– Care Of Magical Creatures (E) Exceeded Expectations
– History Of Magic (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Muggle Studies (A) Acceptable
– Divination (E) Exceeded Expectations

1. AUG 31st: Charms: Hex Hall (A)
2. AUG 31st: Care Of Magical Creatures: Claw The System (A)
3. AUG 31st: Care Of Magical Creatures: The Lying King (E)
4. SEP 2nd: Herbology: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo (A)
5. SEP 3rd: Potions: Orange Is The New Black (A)
6. SEP 4th: Arithmancy: The Birthday (A)
7. SEP 4th: Herbology: Father Christmas And Me (E)
8. SEP 5th: Astronomy: The Chaos Of Stars (A)
9. SEP 7th: Charms: Toxic (E)
10. SEP 8th: Transfiguration: Gone To Ground (A)
11. SEP 8th: Potions: Bang (E)
12. SEP 11th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hero At The Fall (A)
13. SEP 12th: Transfiguration: The Girl Made Of Clay (E)
14. SEP 13th: Muggle Studies: City Of Ghosts (A)
15. SEP 14th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Half Bad (E)
16. SEP 15th: Divination: All These Things I’ve Done (A)
17. SEP 15th: Divination: The Shattered Mountain (E)
18. SEP 17th: Ancient Runes: The Ballroom (A)
19. SEP 18th: Potions: Lies Between Us (O)
20. SEP 19th: Transfiguration: The King’s Guard (O)
21. SEP 19th: Ancient Runes: Radiance Of Tomorrow (E)
22. SEP 20th: History Of Magic: Norse Mythology (A)
23. SEP 21st: History Of Magic: Pretty Little Liars (E)
24. SEP 22nd: Arithmancy: The Wife’s Secret (E)
25. SEP 25th: Aritmancy: A Thousand Devils (O)
26. SEP 27th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: In A Dark, Dark Wood (O)
27. SEP 28th: Charms: Without Merit (O)
28. SEP 30th: Ancient Runes: All This I Will Give To You (O)


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