N.E.W.T.s Readathon: The Results Are In! #NEWTsReadathon2018

Remember I signed up for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon in August? Here are the results! I did this adapted readathon from August 31st to September 30th; 31 days of reading like a maniac to get as many prompts and subjects as possible. Because yes, as a true Ravenclaw and with my inner Hermione talking, of course I had to try and get at least an Acceptable in all Hogwarts subjects.

And guess what: I did! Oh yes, somehow I managed to read no less than 28 out of the 36 books I had selected for the different prompts. I admit a few were supershort reads, but overall I’m really happy with just how much I was able to read. First a full list of my grades… I managed to get the highest Outstanding grade for most of the subjects I wanted, so I consider this readathon a success.

# Hogwards Subjects #

– Charms (O) Outstanding
– Defense Against The Dark Arts (O) Outstanding
– Potions (O) Outstanding
– Transfiguration (O) Outstanding
– Arithmancy (O) Outstanding
– Herbology (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Ancient Runes (O) Outstanding
– Astronomy (A) Acceptable
– Care Of Magical Creatures (E) Exceeded Expectations
– History Of Magic (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Muggle Studies (A) Acceptable
– Divination (E) Exceeded Expectations

So which books did I read for the challenge? I’ll share my graphics again and then give a full list of them below.


1. AUG 31st: Charms: Hex Hall (A)
2. AUG 31st: Care Of Magical Creatures: Claw The System (A)
3. AUG 31st: Care Of Magical Creatures: The Lying King (E)
4. SEP 2nd: Herbology: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo (A)
5. SEP 3rd: Potions: Orange Is The New Black (A)
6. SEP 4th: Arithmancy: The Birthday (A)
7. SEP 4th: Herbology: Father Christmas And Me (E)
8. SEP 5th: Astronomy: The Chaos Of Stars (A)
9. SEP 7th: Charms: Toxic (E)
10. SEP 8th: Transfiguration: Gone To Ground (A)
11. SEP 8th: Potions: Bang (E)
12. SEP 11th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hero At The Fall (A)
13. SEP 12th: Transfiguration: The Girl Made Of Clay (E)
14. SEP 13th: Muggle Studies: City Of Ghosts (A)
15. SEP 14th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Half Bad (E)
16. SEP 15th: Divination: All These Things I’ve Done (A)
17. SEP 15th: Divination: The Shattered Mountain (E)
18. SEP 17th: Ancient Runes: The Ballroom (A)
19. SEP 18th: Potions: Lies Between Us (O)
20. SEP 19th: Transfiguration: The King’s Guard (O)
21. SEP 19th: Ancient Runes: Radiance Of Tomorrow (E)
22. SEP 20th: History Of Magic: Norse Mythology (A)
23. SEP 21st: History Of Magic: Pretty Little Liars (E)
24. SEP 22nd: Arithmancy: The Wife’s Secret (E)
25. SEP 25th: Aritmancy: A Thousand Devils (O)
26. SEP 27th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: In A Dark, Dark Wood (O)
27. SEP 28th: Charms: Without Merit (O)
28. SEP 30th: Ancient Runes: All This I Will Give To You (O)

Did you read any of these yourself? Any of the books I wasn’t able to read during the readathon I should read soon? (Except for I Am Malala, which I’m already going to read this month.)


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7 thoughts on “N.E.W.T.s Readathon: The Results Are In! #NEWTsReadathon2018

    • Thanks! Bookroast is hosting a mini weeklong readathon next week if you are interested… It’s about extra credit for the O.W.L. readathon she will be hosting next year. If I’m correct she will be hosting O.W.L.s each April and N.E.W.T.s each August.


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