Title: One Dark Night
Author: Tom Bale
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: October 23rd 2018
Publisher: Bookouture
Finished reading: October 11th 2018
Pages: 426

“In a situation as chaotic as this, with tempers frayed, it wouldn’t take much for a tragedy to occur.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


!! Happy publication day !!

I’ve read and enjoyed a few of Tom Bale‘s thrillers in the past, so of  course I couldn’t resist his newest title. I mean, that cover alone is on fire! I’ve experienced so far that Tom Bale likes to write his thrillers to be fast, extremely intense, disturbing and overall shocking. One Dark Night is no exception to this rule and is yet another tense and nailbiting story. Intense is an understatement here! The writing style is lightning fast, gripping and draws you right in… If you are looking for an intense and disturbing thriller, you will get a healthy dose of creepy and extreme emotions right from the start. Because One Dark Night starts with a bang, and will keep you on edge until the very end. Sure, there seems to be a break in the middle, but be ready to get a plot twist bomb thrown at you and brace yourself for a surprise… Nothing is as it seems, and it will only be over when the author says it’s over. That said, I did have to ditch a star for the overall lack of credibility of the plot. It seems more like something taken out of an action movie rather than something that could really happen, and a lot of events were quite farfetched and not really credible. If you manage to get your head around that and just let yourself be swept away by a rollercoaster story, you will end up having a blast anyway. And if you like your thrillers to be intense and disturbing, you can stop looking for your next read. A little warning for the weakhearted: graphic and violent scenes are included in One Dark Night, so consider yourselves warned.


They are just driving home after a family outing, reading to end their Sunday on a high note in their comfortable home. But it seems like it wasn’t in the cars, as a split decision to follow a speeding car that nearly crashed into them will change their lives forever. When Adam pulls over to confront the driver, he seems something he wasn’t supposed to. A woman’s cry for help will change the fate of all four of them, as they are now being held against their will as well…


There is no doubt that One Dark Night is a superfast, entertaining and action-packed thriller, with a few scenes so intense and graphic it almost borders on the horror genre. The situation of the family is horrific, and the story definitely has a Hollywood action movie feel about it. I had my doubts about the credibility of it all, but overall I still enjoyed the ride. And what a rollercoaster it was!


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