Title: Her Last Move
Author: John Marrs
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: November 8th 2018
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Finished reading: October 27th 2018
Pages: 352

“That’s how his mind operated – he was all or nothing. When there was a goal to achieve, he could become so ruthlessly single-minded that he wouldn’t allow anything to stand in his way.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


!! Happy Publication Day !!

I’ve been meaning to try one of his thrillers for some time now, so when I saw Her Last Move I grabbed my chance. I had high hopes for this newest thriller, both because of the fascinating blurb and the fact that fellow bloggers seemed to have enjoyed it. There is no doubt that those expectations were met. Her Last Move has a well crafted, complex and interesting plot, where we follow three different POVs that each has its own subplot apart from the main investigation. This isn’t just another detective thriller, as we get a look inside a serial killer with a very twisted sense of justice as well as a new investigation angle with facial recognition expert Joe Russell. Both DS Becca Vincent and Joe have complicated backgrounds that might be considered cliche (the whole damaged detective angle). But while those backgrounds didn’t add anything sustantial to the plot and might distract from the main story at times, it did help making it easier to relate to them. The suspense and amount of information available about the ongoing investigation are well distributed, giving you just enough to try and guess what is happening without revealing its secrets. There are a few twists that will no doubt surprise you! The character development is excellent and it was fascinating to learn more not only about the how, but also about the why behind it all. If you are looking for a well constructed, elaborate and intriguing detective thriller with an original twist, Her Last Move is a great choice.


DS Becca Vincent is determined to be involved in the new murder investigation, especially since she finds out it is connected to a scene she witnessed herself. Despite the fact that it might be difficult to balance her personal life as a single mom, she knows this case will determine her career…Together with facial recognition expert Joe Russell and a growing team, it is their task to stop the killer before he strikes again. But he seems to be one step ahead of them every time, and  it is a race against the clock to stop him before the body count rises even further.


I really like how Her Last Move isn’t just another detective thriller, and adds its original twist to it. The plot itself is quite complicated with three different POVs to consider as well as various background stories. But it all just worked for me, and both the suspense and plot twists are well handled. The story also has a few surprises in store, and the character development is very well done. Plus, getting to look inside the head of another twisted serial killer is always a bonus, right? Fans of the genre will enjoy this one.


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