2019 Beat The Backlist: Official Update Post #BeatTheBacklist

I had a lot of fun with the previous Beat The Backlist challenges, so of course I signed up again. This challenge is hosted by Novelknight and in 2019 will be all about reading once more… No extra complications or extra points for reviews, just getting those backlist titles read and earning brownie points for that. This challenge is all about reading all those poor neglected books on your shelves instead of just new releases. We all love our new releases, but those older books deserve our attention too right? 😉 Books have to be published before 2019 to count, and you can set your own goals as you see fit.

I’ve decided to set my goal at a total of 80 books published before 2019, with at least 30 of them published 2016 or before.

Aaaaand I’m on team RAVENCLAW this year!!

On to the official update post part… Where I will share the books I’ve read that fit the challenge. Books that fit in with my personal challenge are either orange for books published in 2018 or 2017 or green for books published before that.

>>> Last updated January 18th 2019 <<<



    • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang (published in 2018) 3/5 stars
    • The Crown Of Embers by Rae Carson (published in 2012) 4/5 stars
    • Mala Vida by Marc Fernandez (published in 2015) 4/5 stars
    • Artemis by Andy Weir (published in 2017) 3/5 stars
    • Beneath The Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire (published in 2018) 4,5/5 stars
    • The Treatment by CL Taylor (published in 2017) 4/5 stars
    • Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot (published in 2018) 3/5 stars
    • The BFG by Roald Dahl (published in 1982) 4/5 stars
    • The Insect Farm by Stuart Prebble (published in 2015) 3/5 stars
    • A Tragic Kind Of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom (published in 2016) 3,5/5 stars
    • Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes (published in 2018) 4,5/5 stars
    • The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager (published in 2018) 4/5 stars
    • The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham (published in 1925) ?/5 stars

Total for this month: 7 books read published in 2018 or 2017 and 6 books read published 2016 or before.


FINAL NUMBERS: 7/80 books read published in 2017 or 2016 and 6/30 books read published 2015 or before. A total of 13/80 books.


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