Double Trouble ABC Challenge

I missed doing an ABC challenge in 2018… So even though I’m not sure I’ll actually finish the challenge this year, I decided to just give in and give it a go. The catch? I’ll be doing not one, but TWO ABC challenges: one with the book titles and one with the last name of the authors. Like the title states: double trouble! But hopefully also double the fun. (I know there are lots of existing ABC challenges out there, but I’m just doing my own challenge this year to keep things simple.)

My rules:

TITLE: read one book that has a title with each letter of the alphabet. The A’s and The’s don’t count… Also, the Q, X and Z titles can have those letters anywhere in the title.

AUTHOR: read a book with an author’s last name for each letter. If there is more than one last name, it should be the first that counts… And the Q, X and Z names can have the letter anywhere in the last name.

Let’s go ABC crazy!!


>>> Last updated April 13th 2019 <<<

A: Artemis – by Andy Weir (2017)
B: Beneath The Sugar Sky – by Seanan McGuire (2018)
C: Crown Of Embers – Rae Carson (2012)
D: The Dry – by Jane Harper (2016)
E: The Enchanted – by Rene Denfeld (2014)
F: Friend Request – by Laura Marshall (2017)
G: Ghost Boys – by Jewell Parker Rhodes (2018)
H: Heart Berries – by Terese Marie Mailhot (2018)
I: The Insect Farm – by Stuart Prebble (2015)
L: The Last Time I Lied – by Riley Sager (2018)
M: Moon Over Soho – by Ben Aaronovitch (2011)
P: The Painted Veil – by W. Somerset Maugham (1925)
Q: The Kiss Quotient – by Helen Hoang (2018)
R: Release – by Patrick Ness (2017)
S: The Shattering – by Karen Healey (2011)
T: The Treatment – C.L. Taylor (2017)
U: Until The Day I Die – by Emily Carpenter (2019)
V: Verity – by Colleen Hoover (2018)
W: When Dimple Met Rishi – by Sandhya Menon (2017)
X: EXquisite – by Sarah Stovell (2017)

I have found 20 out of 26 letters so far.


>>> Last updated April 13rd 2019 <<<

A: Arikawa, Hiro: The Travelling Cat Chronicles (2012)
B: Backman, Fredrik: And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer (2015)
C: Carson, Rae: The Crown Of Embers (2012)
D: Dahl, Roald: The BFG (1982)
F: Fernandez, Marc: Mala Vida (2015)
G: Green, Sally: Half Lies (2014)
H: Hoang, Helen: The Kiss Quotient (2018)
J: Jones, Tayari: An American Marriage (2018)
L: Lindstrom, Eric: A Tragic Kind Of Wonderful (2016)
M: McGuire, Seanan: Beneath The Sugar Sky (2018)
N: Ness, Patrick: Release (2017)
P: Prebble, Stuart: The Insect Farm (2015)
Q: Quick, Matthew: Every Exquisite Thing (2016)
R: Rhodes, Jewell Parker: Ghost Boys (2018)
S: Slater, K.L: Finding Grace (2019)
T: Taylor, C.L.: The Treatment (2017)
W: White, Kiersten: Bright We Burn (2018)
Y: Young, Rusty: Colombiano (2017)

I have found 18 out of 26 letters so far. 


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11 thoughts on “Double Trouble ABC Challenge

  1. I’m doing the A to Z challenge this year! I’m yet to find titles for my Q, X and Z too but like you said, it can be anywhere in the title/last name so I know I’ll find some soon.

    I hope you finish everything on the list. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those are always tricky letters! As for author last names, Jeff Zentner, Matthew Quick and Julie Buxbaum are the first that come to my mind. Titles with a Q are easier (anything queen). Good luck with your ABC challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

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