O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon 2019: Sign Up #OWLsReadathon2019

It’s that time of the year again!! I first discovered the Harry Potter themed Magical Readathons last year, all hosted by the wonderful Book Roast. I joined the O.W.L.s late last year, so I’m so excited to be joining this April with everyone else! She also has some surprises in store this year as she has designed the most gorgeous guide and we will all be reading ourselves to a magical career of our choice! ❤ Find out more in her video below.

I’m very excited to be joining this readathon again, which is starting April 1st and will run the whole month until April 30th. I also earned five extra days for the Charms exam with a previous Christmas readathon hosted last year… Which basically means I can start reading my Charms title on March 27th already and have extra time for the other ones.

I have said it before but the wizarding career guide is so freaking gorgeous! There are so many careers to choose from and I had a hard time just choosing one… So I’ve decided to narrow it down to two, try and read all the O.W.L.s for both and pospone the decision until August when the next N.E.W.T.s readathon is hosted. So which careers did I pick? It was really REALLY hard narrowing it down, but in the end it’s between Librarian and Magizoologist for me. Librarian because I love books and I would love to spend my time in a magical library. And Magizoologist because I love animals and I would love travelling the world seeing all those magical creatures.

O.W.L.s needed for each career:

Librarian: Ancient Runes // Arithmancy // Defense Against The Dark Arts // History Of Magic // Transfiguration

Magizoologist: Care Of Magical Creatures // Charms // Herbology // Potions

Sadly none of the O.W.L.s overlap, so this means I will have to read at least 9 books in total to be able to still have a choice between both careers when the readathon ends. So what will I read for each prompt? A tentative TBR:

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