YVO’S SHORTIES #91 – 99 Percent Mine & The Dry

Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! This time around two different genres; one new release and a backlist title I’ve been meaning to read for ages. 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne sadly turned out to be a disappointment, but The Dry by Jane Harper turned out to be as excellent as everyone kept promising me. I’m definitely reading book two VERY soon!

Title: 99 Percent Mine
Author: Sally Thorne

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
First published: January 29th 2019
Publisher: William Morrow
Finished reading: March 16th 2019
Pages: 368

“That’s because pizza is a precious natural resource. It can heal tiredness, bad mood, falling morale, and a fading will to live. Pizza realigns the heart chakras.”


I know I’m not exactly a contemporary romance fan in general, but I had such a great time with The Hating Game last year that I just couldn’t resist trying 99 Percent Mine as well. I should have know better and listened to the early reviews on this one… Because there is one thing for sure: this story was most definitely not for me. Why? Let’s just say that the sheer amount of adult content and sexy scenes made me want to throw my kindle against the wall and run away screaming. I know this has everything to do with me and nothing with the book, but it did mean 99 Percent Mine and me started off the wrong foot… While I can normally tolerate a certain amount of steam if the rest of the story makes up for it (her debut proves that for example), I didn’t feel the plot or characters made up for those scenes in this case. I found the plot to be rather weak and nothing much is happening during most of the book… The focus is mostly on Darcy, Tom and Jamie and the sexual tension is right there center stage. All. The. Time. Good if you enjoy sexy romance and steamy scenes; not so good if you are allergic to them. I can’t really say I cared for the main characters either. They felt mostly like cliches to me and while things did improve in the final part I’m still not sure how I even made it to the end. I think a lot of me finishing this story had to do with the writing, which is just as solid as in her debut and makes it easy to flip those pages. It’s easy to state that 99 Percent Mine was 100 percent not for me, but I’m having a feeling steamy romance fans will enjoy this story a lot better than I did.

Title: The Dry
(Aaron Falk #1)
Author: Jane Harper

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: May 31st 2016
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Finished reading: March 20th 2019
Pages: 401

“Death rarely changes how we feel about someone. Heightens it, more often than not.”


I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about The Dry ever since it came out in 2016 and I’m still not sure why it took me this long to finally pick them up. With so many fellow bloggers loving Jane Harper‘s books though, I knew this was probably something I would love as well… I’m glad I finally picked up my copy of The Dry, because I’ve become an instant Jane Harper fan. What a fantastic read! The setting, the writing style, the plot and character development: I found each element to be extremely well executed and I can see why this debut has received so much love. This is one of those stories you will want to clear your schedule for… Once you have turned the first few pages, you will find yourself stuck in Kiewarra until you discover what really happened to Luke and his family and if it has to do with something that happened long ago. The plot twists and suspense are well handled and the tension is build up as we learn more about the characters and secrets. I admit I did guess part of the final twists, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed The Dry any less. The author did a fantastic job of setting the right atmosphere for this story and portray what the weather and lack of rain can do to a whole town. If you enjoy reading the genre, The Dry is without doubt a must-read! I myself can’t wait to pick up the sequel.


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27 thoughts on “YVO’S SHORTIES #91 – 99 Percent Mine & The Dry

  1. I’m a contemporary romance fan and always have a problem when the steam dominates the book and props up the story. I haven’t read 99 Percent Mine yet but lots of my friends who are fellow fans of the genre had similar issues with this book. I don’t think it was you.

    Warms my heart that you loved The Dry💜


    • I have a love/hate relationship with the genre and have to be in the right mood for it, but this one definitely wasn’t for me… Good to know it was most likely the book and not the fact I can have strange reactions to the genre haha.

      I’m still kicking myself for not trying Jane Harper’s books sooner! I’m definitely reading Force Of Nature very soon and I have a copy of The Lost Man on preorder. 😉


  2. I was disappointed to see how many people thought “99 Percent Mine” failed to live up to “The Hating Game.” I loved Sally’s first book, so I’m still on the fence on this one. I may wait for it to show up at the library.

    I’ll have to look up “The Dry” now! 🙂

    Honestly, Yvo, you’re such a good reviewer, you make me want to write a book with no sex in it just so I can ask you to review it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really enjoyed The Hating Game myself, but 99 Percent Mine was most definitely for me. I can tolerate sexy scenes when the rest of the book makes up for it (for example in The Hating Game itself, or CoHo’s books, or The Smallest Part etc), but this definitely was way too much for me to handle. 😉 And thank you for such a nice comment! You make me blush. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 99 Percent Mine was one of my most anticipated reads this year but I have to admit I’ve been putting it off due to the number of negative reviews I’ve seen. You are not the only one who seems to have issue with it.

    So happy you loved The Dry. I only started reading Harper’s books about a year ago and she’s already an autobuy for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe wait until the hype dies down a bit before picking up 99 Percent Mine? At least you’ll already know what to expect so that might help… Who knows, you might end up enjoying it.

      Jane Harper definitely made it to my autobuy list instantly after The Dry! In fact I’ve already preordered a copy of The Lost Man. 😉


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    • Definitely not mine either… No no-shirt covers on my shelves haha. xD
      I’m so happy I finally got to know Jane Harper’s writing! I’m looking forward to read her other two books now. xx


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