Best of… March 2019 @paperfury

I had originally decided to include this new feature in my monthly wrap ups, but I just felt there were too many facts squeezed into one little post and the whole purpose of putting my favorite reads in the spotlight was lost. So this is me giving those favorites their well deserved extra attention! I had not one, but TWO new 5 star reads in March, and both were absolutely fantastic. Picking just one winner was so SO hard! But I did it, so without further delay, March 2019’s favorite is… *drumroll*

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews!! (aka Paperfury) I can’t believe it took me this long to pick up her debut, and I’m still kicking myself because it completely blew me away. I can’t wait for my pre-order copy of her new book to arrive; any day now! (crossing fingers and toes)

What I said in my review:

“The power of A Thousand Perfect Notes is in its characters. Both Beck, August and Joey are so easy to love; you will adopt them straight away and your heart will ache for them as the plot evolves.”

A Thousand Perfect Notes will make you laugh and cry and the characters will stay with you for a long time. It’s a fantastic contemporary read which balances happy moments and a romantic interest with a thousand musical notes and a dark twist.”

Click here for my full review

Like I mentioned, I had one other 5 star read in March (The Travelling Cat Chronicles). A further six books received a 4,5 star rating (one a reread), but I’ve decided to only include three of these to avoid this post from going on forever. I loved all six though! But the other three above stood out just a tiny bit above the others. In the order I’ve read them, starting with my other 5 star read :

What I said in my review:

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys being around cats. It’s so easy to relate to this wonderful story!”

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a fantastic read I could see myself reading over and over again.”

Click here for my full review

What I said in my review:

Rene Denfeld did a fantastic job combining the different elements, waving them together in such a way that will leave you speechless by the time you reach the final page. ”

“The writing, the magical realism, the characters, the contrast of the fantastical and brutal reality… It’s true that The Enchanted is not for everyone, but the right person will be just as enchanted as I found myself to be.”

Click here for my full review

What I said in my review:

“I’ve become an instant Jane Harper fan. What a fantastic read! The setting, the writing style, the plot and character development: I found each element to be extremely well executed and I can see why this debut has received so much love”

“The author did a fantastic job of setting the right atmosphere for this story and portray what the weather and lack of rain can do to a whole town.”

Click here for my full review

What I said in my review:

“With this new story she has once again proven to me she belongs on my list of favorite authors. What a read!”

“A truly unique rock ‘n roll story that is ready to rock your socks off.”

Click here for my full review

Have you read any of these titles above? What did you think of them? What were your favorite reads in March?


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