April BD #bookhaul

They are here! The main part of what I call my ‘useless old Dutch bank account made useful’ book haul… With a little help of a book fairy called Eva. 😉 ❤ I already shared them on Instagram a few days ago, but I thought I would show my haul on my blog as well as it doesn’t happen often I’m able to get so many books in one go. 😉

So far 16 out of the 20 ordered books have arrived… The four remaining titles are either already on its way as well or still waiting to be (re)published.

This haul also includes my giveaway prize I won on Twitter, hosted by the wonderful @sdavreads back in February. I could pick any 2019 contemporary romance title and I chose a preorder of The Boy Who Steals Houses. ❤

A full list of all 17 books with details below!

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