YVO’S SHORTIES #100 – The Death Of Mrs. Westaway & Circe

Time for another round of Yvo’s Shorties! Already shorties post number one hundred! and what better way to celebrate than with two fantastic backlist titles I both loved. The Death Of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware is probably my new favorite by the author and I absolutely loved my time with Circe by Madeline Miller. I love mythology stories in general and this one was brilliant.

Title: The Death Of Mrs Westaway
Author: Ruth Ware

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
First published: May 29th 2018
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Finished reading: May 7th 2019
Pages: 384

“You can’t influence fate, or change what’s out of your control. But you can choose what you yourself do with the cards you’re dealt.”


I’ve been meaning to read another Ruth Ware book for a while now… While I was tempted to finally pick up The Woman In Cabin 10, I decided to stick to my 2019 priority title list and read The Death Of Mrs. Westaway instead. I can’t say I’m complaining, because after a few disappointing reads I finally found something that managed to blow me away again. This might just be my new favorite Ruth Ware title… What a creepy and suspenseful read! The house in Cornwall is such an excellent setting for this story filled with secrets and lies, and gives The Death Of Mrs. Westaway that gothic atmosphere. It definitely sets the right tone for this story! The story starts out in Brighton where we get to know the main character of this story and her desperate situation. I was intrigued by Hal’s situation from the start and while she is without doubt a flawed character and sometimes difficult to like, you will find yourself rooting for her soon enough. The writing is engaging and beautifully crafted and the descriptions gave off that creepy and eerie vibe. There are a lot of secrets and lies involved in the Westaway family and its past, and while I admit I saw part of them coming, I never guessed the full truth. In short, The Death Of Mrs. Westaway was a delightfully twisty and eerie psychological thriller packed with secrets and a dangerous side. If you are a fan of the genre, you will most likely have a great time with this one.

Title: Circe
Author: Madeline Miller

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology
First published: April 10th 2018
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Finished reading: May 9th 2019
Pages: 336

“I thought once that gods are the opposite of death, but I see now they are more dead than anything, for they are unchanging, and can hold nothing in their hands.”


I admit it was a pretty safe bet I was going to enjoy reading Circe, considering my love for Greek mythology stories in general and the fact that I loved her previous book The Song Of Achilles. My instincts turned out to be right, because I loved this story just as much as the gorgeous and shiny cover! If you enjoy (Greek) mythology retellings, Circe definitely is a must-read. Madeline Miller uses Circe’s immortal character to weave in a variety of different myths and stories about Gods and famous mortals alike. This is done exceptionally well and in a way that makes the story flow naturally. It’s true that time passes slower or more quickly at times and sometimes decades or centuries pass in a blink of the eye. But for me it only demonstrated the immortality of Circe and the way passes differently for her. The pace is slower at times, but I personally didn’t mind as it gave me more time to truly savour this little gem. I loved reading about Circe’s time living in the house of her father Helios and all the events that followed. You will find references to for example Daedalus, the Minotaur and the famous labyrinth, Icarus and his wings, Achilles and the Troyan war… The main secondary role is left for Odysseus though, as both him and his sons play a role during a big part of the story. We learn more about his adventures, his past and the influence he has had on Circe’s life. Witchcraft also plays a big role throughout the story, and I really enjoyed learning more about Circe’s gift. I can see why Circe wouldn’t be for everyone, but if you enjoy Greek mythology retellings and don’t mind a slower pace at times, you will most likely enjoy it as much as I did.


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37 thoughts on “YVO’S SHORTIES #100 – The Death Of Mrs. Westaway & Circe

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  2. I loved both of these so much and am glad you did too! I can’t wait to read The Turn of the Key by Ware as soon as I get through my June ARCS! I love her and Mrs. Westaway is my favorite by her…so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I finally read The Death Of Mrs. Westaway! I’m now reading The Woman In Cabin 10 soon so I can finish it before her new one comes out. I definitely love her writing style!


      • That’s another good one-probably me 2nd favorite. She’s got a unique writing style. I’m hearing such good things about her now one and might have to bump it up my TBR! Enjoy Woman in Cabin 10!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope you do enjoy it. I’ve liked all of hers, but they are all a little different. Mrs. Westaway was so gothic like and none of the others are. I’m hoping her new one is gothic like too, lol (I teach gothic lit, so that’s just something I gravitate towards)! It really does and it’s killing me not to start it, but I somehow ended up with 7 ARCS that release on 6/11 and haven’t read a single one yet!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I admit I wasn’t that big of a fan of her debut, but I have loved her other two so far. I would love to see another gothic setting as well! I understand having to wait before you can get to it though; 7 ARCs releasing on the same day is a LOT. Good luck with those and I hope you’ll find time for The Turn Of The Key soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It wasn’t my fave either, but they seem to be getting better! It really is-I have no idea what I was thinking! I have 5 more to read, lol. And I have 4 reviews to write of totally different books because I’m so behind, ugh. Oh well… Me too, thanks!

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    • Oh yes, same here! I’m having a feeling that if she writes another story, it will be another Greek mythology one (considering she teaches Latin and Greek and loves mythology). I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed just in case. 😉


    • I’m really excited about her new story as well! I still have The Woman In Cabin 10 to read, but I might just do so before her new one comes out. 😉


  4. I loved Death of Mrs. Westaway too! Definitely up there for fave Ruth Ware books. I did pick up Woman in Cabin 10 finally too and really enjoyed that one.

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