Best of… May 2019 @Orendabooks @nholten

I had originally decided to include this new feature in my monthly wrap ups, but I just felt there were too many facts squeezed into one little post and the whole purpose of putting my favorite reads in the spotlight was lost. So this is me giving those favorites their well deserved extra attention! I had a LOT of fantastic reads in May, all worth mentioning so brace yourself for a long post. But there was one title that stood out above the rest, an easy choice for this month’s favorite. Did you guess already which one? Without further delay, May 2019’s favorite is… *drumroll*

Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech!! I can’t believe this is only my first experience with her work, but it most definitely won’t be my last. What an absolutely fantastic read!

What I said in my review:

“The writing style is absolutely wonderful of course, but it is the characters who steal the show in Call Me Star GirlLouise Beech should receive an award for being able to create such fascinating characters that are both flawed, strong and essentially unlikeable, but are able to win over your heart anyway.”

“Subtle twists and turns are incorporated in such a way that builds the tension and suspense without even realizing it; throwing new shocking information at you before you are getting comfortable with what you already know.”

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