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I know I said I was taking a break from ARCs this season, but I love discovering new international authors and AmazonCrossing always seems to tempt me with their titles. Thankfully, Dark Mother Earth is a January 2020 release, so I’ll still have plenty of free time before I need to get to it.

And then I saw Trance, saw that John Marrs recommended it and it was an auto-approve title, and I hit that Read It! button before I could help myself. Whoops! xD I’m excited to be reading it this month though. Also, I was curious about Along The Broken Bay and I was sold as soon as I read the blurb and saw it was WWII historical fiction with a setting in the Philippines. How on earth would I be able to resist that??!! You guessed right; I didnt. xD


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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! ❤


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