A little note before I continue with the #NEWTSReadathon2019 post… I’ve decided to go on a short blogging break to see if I’ll be able to get rid of the blogging slump that way. This basically means I won’t be posting any new content on It’s All About Books until August 21st and I will be limiting my time on social media as well. (Twitter is probably your best shot if you need to get hold of me before then.)

Looking forward to some self care and see you in two weeks! ❤ ❤

Remember I signed up for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon last month? I’ve decided to make a separate update post again to keep track of my progress. The Magical Readathon: N.E.W.T.s edition runs from August 1st to August 31st… Back in April I participated in the O.W.L.s, and after passing all twelve Hogwarts subjects I had a free pass for any career. I’ve decided to officially go for the Magizoologist career this year, which means I will be concentrating on the N.E.W.T.s for Care Of Magical Creatures, Charms and Herbology.

>> Last updated August 28th 2019 <

The titles needed for each prompt and Hogwarts subject are featured in my TBR below. For the Magizoologist career I need an O in Care Of Magical Creatures, and E in Charms and an E in Herbology, so I will probably be focusing on those first. Below my TBR you can find a full list of the books I read during August (one that I will be updating as I finish reading them).

N.E.W.T.s Readathon TBR


(T) Troll Run out of time around 20%
(D) Dreadful Run out of time around 50%
(P) Poor Run out of time but read around 80% of A
(A) Acceptable
(E) Exceeded Expectations
(O) Outstanding

# Hogwards Subjects #

– Care Of Magical Creatures (O) Outstanding
– Charms (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Herbology (O) Outstanding

– Defense Against The Dark Arts (O) Outstanding
– Divination (A) Acceptable
– History Of Magic (A) Acceptable
– Muggle Studies (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Transfiguration (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Potions (T) Troll
– Ancient Runes (A) Acceptable
– Arithmancy (A) Acceptable
– Astronomy (E) Exceeded Expectations

1. AUG 1st: History Of Magic: The Archived (A)
2. AUG 2nd: Care Of Magical Creatures: An Unwanted Guest (A)
3. AUG 3rd: Herbology: Apple Of My Eye (A)
4. AUG 4th: Care Of Magical Creatures: What You Did (E)
5. AUG 7th: Care Of Magical Creatures: The Dream Thieves (O)
6. AUG 8th: Muggle Studies: The Willow Woman (A)
7. AUG 9th: Astronomy: Outrun The Moon (A)
8. AUG 10th: Astronomy: Date Night (E)
9. AUG 12th: Muggle Studies: The Sixth Wicked Child (E)
10. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: Darius The Great Is Not Okay (A)
11. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: To Drink Coffee With A Ghost (E)
12. AUG 14th: Herbology: 29 Seconds (E)
13. AUG 16th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Twisted (A)
14. AUG 17th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: I Am Malala (E)
15. AUG 20th: Charms: Smoke In The Sun (A)
16. AUG 21st: Defense Against The Dark Arts: The Sleepover (O)
17. AUG 22nd: Herbology: The Cellar (O)
18. AUG 23rd: Charms: The Old Man And The Sea (E)
19. AUG 24th: Ancient Runes: Stalking Jack The Ripper (A)
20. AUG 27th: Arithmancy: Keeper (A)
21. AUG 28th: Divination: The Madness Underneath (A)

Are you joining the N.E.W.T.s readathon this year? Any title on my TBR I should give priority to?


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