Remember I signed up for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon in July? It’s now September 1st, which means that the #NEWTsReadathon2019 is now officially over! I managed to read a lot more than originally planned this year, and I managed to finish all prompts for the Magizoologist career with time to spare. Not only that: I managed to pass all subjects with at least an Acceptable as well! Woohoo!!! Curious to see what I read for each prompt? You can find a full list of what I read below.


(T) Troll Run out of time around 20%
(D) Dreadful Run out of time around 50%
(P) Poor Run out of time but read around 80% of A
(A) Acceptable
(E) Exceeded Expectations
(O) Outstanding

# Hogwards Subjects #

– Care Of Magical Creatures (O) Outstanding
– Charms (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Herbology (O) Outstanding

– Defense Against The Dark Arts (O) Outstanding
– Divination (A) Acceptable
– History Of Magic (A) Acceptable
– Muggle Studies (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Transfiguration (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Potions (A) Acceptable
– Ancient Runes (A) Acceptable
– Arithmancy (E) Exceeded Expectations
– Astronomy (E) Exceeded Expectations

1. AUG 1st: History Of Magic: The Archived (A)
2. AUG 2nd: Care Of Magical Creatures: An Unwanted Guest (A)
3. AUG 3rd: Herbology: Apple Of My Eye (A)
4. AUG 4th: Care Of Magical Creatures: What You Did (E)
5. AUG 7th: Care Of Magical Creatures: The Dream Thieves (O)
6. AUG 8th: Muggle Studies: The Willow Woman (A)
7. AUG 9th: Astronomy: Outrun The Moon (A)
8. AUG 10th: Astronomy: Date Night (E)
9. AUG 12th: Muggle Studies: The Sixth Wicked Child (E)
10. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: Darius The Great Is Not Okay (A)
11. AUG 13th: Transfiguration: To Drink Coffee With A Ghost (E)
12. AUG 14th: Herbology: 29 Seconds (E)
13. AUG 16th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Twisted (A)
14. AUG 17th: Defense Against The Dark Arts: I Am Malala (E)
15. AUG 20th: Charms: Smoke In The Sun (A)
16. AUG 21st: Defense Against The Dark Arts: The Sleepover (O)
17. AUG 22nd: Herbology: The Cellar (O)
18. AUG 23rd: Charms: The Old Man And The Sea (E)
19. AUG 24th: Ancient Runes: Stalking Jack The Ripper (A)
20. AUG 27th: Arithmancy: Keeper (A)
21. AUG 28th: Divination: The Madness Underneath (A)
22. AUG 30th: Arithmancy: The Hiding Place (E)
23. AUG 31st: Potions: The Passengers (A)

Did you join the N.E.W.T.s readathon this year? Have you read any of the books above as well? I definitely found myself a couple of new favorites during #NEWTsReadathon2019 month!


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