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No October is complete without spooky reads, and I’ve been saving Victoria Schwab‘s newest title Tunnel Of Bones especially for this Halloween month. I’m so excited to be diving into this sequel! I’m also starting another ARC: Close To You by Kerry Wilkinson. The blurb sounds absolutely brilliant, so I can’t wait to see if the story itself lives up to expectations. His writing is great, so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it…


1. Hope And Other Punchlines by Julie Buxbaum (4/5 stars) REVIEW 11/10
Julie Buxbaum is one of the select group of authors who can make me enjoy the contemporary romance genre. After loving her first two YA books, it’s easy to say that my expectations were sky high for Hope And Other Punchlines. It might have been the wrong time to pick up this title, or it might have been that my expectations were a tad unrealistic, because while there is no doubt that this story is an excellent read, it didn’t blow me away as I thought it would. There is a lot to love in Hope And Other Punchlines though.

2. The Huntress by Kate Quinn (5/5 stars) REVIEW 05/10
I kept seeing glowing reviews about The Huntress and I love my WWII historical fiction, so I was super excited to finally dive in myself. It’s the first time I read one of her books (I have The Alice Network on my TBR though), and I was definitely blown away by what I found. Say hello to another 2019 favorite! The complex and rich plot, the writing, the different characters and settings… There is so much to love in this story and it’s without doubt one of the best WWII inspired historical fiction stories I’ve read to this date.

3. Cage by Lilja Sigurdardottir (4/5 stars) REVIEW 04/10
Look out for my full review during my stop of the blog tour this Friday!!

4. Coraline by Neil Gaiman (4/5 stars) REVIEW 18/10
I’ve been a fan of Neil Gaiman‘s work for a while now, but somehow I never actually read Coraline despite having seen the movie… Until now. I thought this little book would be the perfect title to mark the start of the Halloween month with, and is without doubt a story that gives off the exact right creepy vibe. The writing is of the same high quality I’ve become used to of Neil Gaiman, and while it’s not my favorite story of his, I definitely had a great time discovering the story of Coraline. And with its spooky and eery vibe, it’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a quick and fun Halloween read!


Next up is another upcoming #Orentober blog tour read I’ve been looking forward to: Little Siberia by Antti Tuomainen. I’ve been meaning to try his work for ages and I love the blurb for this story! I also need to read the ARC Like Follow Kill by Carissa Ann Lynch some time soon… And another #Orentober read is up soon as well: Hydra by Matt Wesolowski for an upcoming #WesolowskiWednesday post. I’m also reading my latest TBR jar pick The Museum Of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman no matter what before the end of the month.


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