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I’m finally reading The Whisper Man by Alex North and I’m looking forward to discover if the hype around the title is actually worth it! I’m also starting The Last by Hanna Jameson, a title I’ve been curious about despite the mixed reviews as the premise sounds absolutely fantastic. My Spanish reread of the sixth Harry Potter book Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter y El Misterio Del Principe) is going really well and I’m about a third into the book already.


1. Cold Fear by Mads Peder Nordbo (3/5 stars) REVIEW
After enjoying the first book, I was totally expecting to have a good reading experience with the sequel as well… But it turns out I ended up having mixed thoughts about it. I felt that the focus point of Cold Fear was basically on the extreme violence and making this story as brutal and shocking as possible, and as a consequence I don’t think the sequel reached its full potential nor lived up to expectations for me.

2. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (5/5 stars) REREAD
This is one of my all time favorites and after watching the movie again last week I decided to just give in and reread the story now I have a physical copy of it. And it was just as magical and heartbreaking the second time around! I don’t often cry when reading or watching a movie, but this story gets me every time.

3. Deadly Silence by OMJ Ryan (4,5/5 stars) REVIEW
There is a lot to love in Deadly Silence, but let’s just start with the fact that this first installment of a new detective series is so damn readable! I found myself hooked from the very first chapter and flying through those pages like there was no tomorrow…Engaging, well written, suspenseful, shocking and even a dash of dark humor here and there… The writing was definitely everything I could have wished for and more. I really enjoyed my time with Deadly Silence and I will be looking forward to the next book. If you are, like me, a serial killer and detective thriller fan, you should add definitely add this title to your wishlist! Thanks again Meggy for putting Deadly Silence on my radar. ❤

4. The Noble Path by Peter May (DNF 35%; 0 stars) DNF REVIEW LATER TODAY!!
I have to say that it is most likely a case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me‘, especially since The Noble Path has such a high rating on Goodreads and overall positive reviews. I’ve tried really hard to warm up to the story, giving it a second, third and fourth chance and even reading other books in between to see if a change of scenery would help me finally connect to The Noble Path afterwards. But no such luck, and after days of struggling and seeing myself starting to skimread just to try and turn those pages, I knew it was time to just throw in the towel and let this story be. I hardly ever DNF a story and I still feel mighty guilty about this, but it has become painfully clear that The Noble Path just isn’t the right story for me and I might just not have been the right target group to begin with.

5. The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab (4/5 stars) REVIEW 03/12
It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of her books, and I’ve been meaning to read her debut for ages now. The Near Witch shows just how much she has grown as an author since this first story! I still loved it of course (then again, I might be a bit biased when it comes to her work), but the story reads a bit slower than usual and if you look at it objectively there isn’t really much going on in the plot. But the descriptions of the moor setting are glorious! And the whole hint at the supernatural is spot on; the writing putting you under a spell from the very first chapter. It’s just like magic!


I’m going to make the most of my blogging break and finally read those books I’ve been dying to read! First up are either Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zentner, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff or The Turn Of The Key by Ruth Ware depending on which genre I’m in the mood for next. My newest TBR jar pick is still Like This For Ever by Sharon Bolton, which I will probably pick up soon as well as I’ve been looking forward to continue the series.


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