I’ve mentioned it already in the last two weeks, but I’ve decided to take a break from blogging in November as the blogging slump has been killing me. I’ve been struggling with a blogging and social media slump for months now, and even going light for the Winter season didn’t give me my blogging mojo back… So I’ve decided to go on a full blogging and social media break during the rest of the month (with the exception of two blog tour reviews which will go up on the 16th and 26th). I will also most likely cut back on blogging in December as well, hoping that this way I will be able to start 2020 refreshed and ready to read and review all the books again.

The funny part of this blogging slump is that I still enjoy reading, but I’m currently dreading actually finishing books because it means I have to write review afterwards. I’ve been considerably struggling with my reviews for a while now, not being able to write them straight away as usual and not wanting to read just so I wouldn’t have any new books to review. I’m hoping this break will give me my blogging mojo and review writing inspiration back! Right now, blogging has been feeling like a chore instead of a hobby; the sheer pressure of deadlines and posting every day driving me away instead of making me love blogging again. I’m sure you have noticed I’ve been around less these past few months, bloghopping and answering comments a lot less than usual… That’s 200% the slump talking, as somehow I’m finding it impossible to find that motivation to blog. I’m hoping that this break will help me fall in love with blogging again!

So that’s why It’s All About Books will be mostly silent during the month of November… If you need me for anything, your best bet would be Twitter as I’ll probably still be lurking around there. Thanks for taking the time to read my rambles and I hope you will all have a wonderful month!!  ❤ ❤ ❤


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