I always love these readathons and while I’m basically swamped with ARCs this month, I couldn’t resist joining again. The Magical Readathons are Harry Potter themed readathons, and this Winter 2019 edition is all about Christmas at Hogwarts. This is the second Christmas themed readathon and it’s based on the second Harry Potter book Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets… Hosted by the wonderful Book Roast as always. ❤ More in her announcement video which you can find below! And check out the Magical Readathon website for more information and the weekly chapters and prompts.

In short, this readathon is divided into five chapters and each Sunday a new chapter and new prompts for the readathon are being unlocked. Your choices during the chapters will determine which and how many prompts you need to read each week! So far, the first three chapters are already unlocked, and the fourth will be up tomorrow; the last one will become available on the 29th. I’ll be using this post as an update post to keep track of the progress in the final pending chapters as well.

>> Last updated December 30th <<


MY CHOICES I tried to talk Dobby out of it, went to Ron’s house, chatted about Muggles with Mr. Weasley and got my first (and only) reading prompt.

PROMPT 1 Read a contemporary (a book, comic, short story etc, set in the real (muggle) world)

READ The Missing Letters Of Mrs Bright by Beth Miller (finished December 4th)

MY CHOICES I woke up at the Burrow, went through the barrier with Hermione at platform 9 3/4 and got my first prompt. I then chatted with Hermione about summer reads, joined the bookclub (I’m not a big fan of chess! xD) and got my second prompt of the week.

PROMPT 1 From mundane to magical: read an urban fantasy (usually a fantasy world that exists in secret from the muggle world)

READ The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson (finished December 15th)

PROMPT 2 Bookclub pick! Buddy read a book or read a book that has been picked by a bookclub of your choice (recently or in the past)! It can be an online bookclub or a local one!

READ (Reese Witherspoon bookclub pick earlier this year) Next Year In Havana by Chanel Cleeton (finished December 18th)

MY CHOICES My breakfast in the Great Hall was buttered toast, eggs, sausages and bacon, I went to the Duelling Club meeting and got my first and only prompt of the week. I cast expelliarmus in the duel and made my way to the Great Hall for dinner. I didn’t get detention in chapter 2!

PROMPT 1 Read a book with a pink or purple cover!

READ Palm Beach Finland by Antti Tuomainen (finished December 23rd)

MY CHOICES I did join the book club with Hermoine, so I already knew a little about the Chamber Of Secrets. I agreed to use the Pollyjuice potion, stayed to stir the cauldron and got my first prompt. I didn’t speak about Draco’s home with Mr. Weasley and got my second prompt. I decided to run away when I saw Nearly Headless Nick, casted Reducto at the bludger and got another task: tweet a photo of your favorite Quidditch player with a #Dobbysentabludger.

PROMPT 1 Pick 5-7 books, lay them down in a circle around yourself. Close your eyes and turn around a couple of times. Open your eyes and read the book that is in front of you!

READ On The Bright Side by Hendrik Groen (finished December 27th)

PROMPT 1 Read a friend’s recommended or favorite book! It could also be a book recommended by a book community member you like!

READ Black Summer by M.W. Craven (finished December 25th)

MY CHOICES I decided to play a game of Gobstones at the party in the dorm. In chapter 4, Dobby sent a bludger after me and in chapter 1 I didn’t give Dobby false promises, and Dobby takes me to the entrance of the chamber. I go left and encounter the chimera. It gives me a riddle and of course the answer is neither. I’m in the chamber by myself and receive the first and only prompt… And somehow I save Ginny and defeat Voldemort after that.

PROMPT 1 Read a book that’s shorter than the one you finished before!

READ Blood For Blood by Victoria Selman (finished December 30th)


Did you join the readathon as well? What do you think of my reading choices? 


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