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I know everybody including the neighbor’s cat already posted their list of 2019 favorites, but I thought: one more list isn’t going to hurt anyone, right? Plus I wanted to put my absolute favorite stories of 2019 in a proper spotlight. Somehow I managed to read a whopping 264! books last year, something I still can’t wrap my head around. Of those books, 21 books managed to receive the full 5 star rating (although two were rereads and one a 2020 release I won’t count) and no less than 61 books received an almost perfect 4,5 star rating, which is basically a 5 star rating for most people in the first place. All of these titles deserve a spotlight, and there was just no way I could narrow it down to a top 10 or even 20… So I’ve decided to cheat a little and make two favorites posts. Today is all about my absolute favorite reads a.ka. those with my special 5 star rating which is basically an A++… And to cheat even further, there are a few authors that I read and loved multiple books of last year and I will be counting each author as just one spot i n my Top 15. 😉

Curious about which titles and authors made my list yet? Since there is just no way you can force me to pick just one favorite 2019 title, I will present them in alphabetical order:


The Travelling Cat Chronicles (5 stars): This is a fantastic read I could see myself reading over and over again. The characters will win over your heart in record time and will stay with you for a long time. Warning: make sure you have your tissues ready! FULL REVIEW


The Six Wicked Child (5 stars): If you have a taste for dark and disturbing thrillers and haven’t had the chance to meet 4MK yet, I can highly suggest remedying that ASAP. Why? In short: this series is an absolute must-read for serial killer thriller fans. Go, go, GO! FULL REVIEW


Call Me Star Girl (5 stars):  Call Me Star Girl will go dark and emotional and will stamp on your heart and rip it out in a million pieces. There are so many little details cleverly incorporated into the plot and the ending will both shock you and make you feel satisfied albeit heartbroken. It is a true emotional rollercoaster, an absolutely fantastic read and a worthy new all time favorite to add to my shelf. FULL REVIEW

The Lion Tamer Who Lost (4,5 stars): Alluring, heartrending and simply irresistible… This story will give you all the feels as well as break your heart into a million pieces before you reach that final page! FULL REVIEW


Twisted (5 stars): Twisted will mess with your mind and it’s definitely the right title for this story. Clever, original, complex, brilliantly executed and hands down one of my favorite reads of the year. FULL REVIEW

Thirteen (4,5 stars): There are lots of different elements involved, all mixed together to create the perfect and addictive thriller cocktail you will be wanting to drink in one sitting. Thirteen is a fast, disturbing an shocking legal thriller with a serial killer twist… Oh yes, I’m definitely a Steve Cavanagh fan now. FULL REVIEW


Next Year In Havana (5 stars): The plot itself is complex, multilayered and shows a thorough research into Cuban history as well as a wonderful romance story to counter the darker elements in Next Year In Havana. This story is an absolute must-read for historical fiction fans! FULL REVIEW


The Puppet Show (5 stars): Both the writing and plot development are brilliant and together with the well handled suspense and plot twists you won’t be able to put down this story easily before you reach that final page. The wonderful descriptions of the Cumbria setting help set the tone of this story, and on top of that we have a chilling serial killer, a dark dark secret and a scandal of the past… All ingredients that turn The Puppet Show into a new favorite.  FULL REVIEW

Black Summer (4,5 stars): There is just so much to love in Black Summer and I’m more than addicted to Tilly and Poe’s adventures. This sequel only made me love their characters even more and they definitely deserve their spot on my favorites list. FULL REVIEW

# C.G. DREWS #

A Thousand Perfect Notes (5 stars): A Thousand Perfect Notes will make you laugh and cry and the characters will stay with you for a long time. It’s a fantastic contemporary read which balances happy moments and a romantic interest with a thousand musical notes and a dark twist.  FULL REVIEW

The Boy Who Steals Houses (5 stars): Sam, Moxie and Avery won over my heart, crushed it into a million pieces and left me a complete puddle of mess by the time I reach the final page. Go read this absolutely wonderful story if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it. FULL REVIEW


Block 46 (4,5 stars): This first book of what I already know will be a very successful series for me is a beautifully written and harrowing read, and 200% worth your time.  FULL REVIEW

Keeper (4,5 stars): If you enjoy a well written, expertly crafted and unique crime thriller with a historical twist, you should definitely schedule yourself a meeting with Emily Roy and Alexis Castells. Both Block 46 and Keeper are exceptional books I can highly recommend to any fan of the genre. FULL REVIEW

Blood Song (5 stars): Blood Song will always have a special place in my heart, and not just for bringing back memories of my time living in Madrid… It’s a book that was able to give me the biggest book hangover in a long time and without doubt a worthy addition to my list of 2019 favorites. FULL REVIEW


What The Wind Knows (5 stars): It doesn’t matter whether you prefer reading historical fiction or a romantic family drama, because What The Wind Knows manages to deliver both in a perfect balance. The time travel element gives this story a unique touch and is well incorporated into the story and Irish cultural references. The writing, the setting, the descriptions, the characters… This story is absolutely fantastic and I can highly highly recommend it. FULL REVIEW

The First Girl Child (5 stars): The worldbuilding, the Norse mythology influences, the characters and their development, the plot, the writing… Oh yes, there were plenty of reasons that made me give The First Girl Child the full five stars it deserves. I can highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good fantasy story with characters you cannot help but fall in love with and a healthy dose of Nordic references. FULL REVIEW


The Passengers (5 stars): The Passengers is an absolutely brilliant book and hands down one of my favorites of 2019… If you haven’t read this one, you definitely should give it a go! FULL REVIEW


The Huntress (5 stars): There is a lot to love in The Huntress and I can highly highly recommend it to anyone who loves WWII historical fiction as much as I do. Between an unique, complex and rich plot, beautiful writing, fascinating characters, detailed descriptions that really make the historical settings come alive and a healthy dose of secrets and surprises, you will find yourself having a hard time picking what exactly your favorite element of this story is. FULL REVIEW


The Fountains Of Silence (5 stars): I loved The Fountains Of Silence from the very first page until the very last… If you are a historical fiction fan who appreciates a complex and rich plot with fantastic descriptions and brilliant character development, you are missing out if you haven’t tried this story yet. FULL REVIEW


Finding Grace (5 stars): What seems to be another kidnapping case at first glance turns out to be so much more… With a lot of extra layers, flashbacks and twists to form a properly complex and well executed plot. You will want to clear your schedule for this one, because it will be VERY hard to stop reading before reaching that final page. FULL REVIEW

Single (4,5 stars): If you enjoy reading a well written psychological thriller filled to the brim with secrets, lies and plot twists that will manage to deceive you as well as an ending that will leave you glabbergasted, Single is without doubt an excellent choice.  FULL REVIEW

The Silent Ones (4,5 stars): If you are looking for your next psychological thriller read, you should definitely consider this well written, complex and gripping little gem. FULL REVIEW


Muse Of Nightmares (5 stars):  Muse Of Nightmares proves that the writing and characters truly can make up for a plot that is slightly bland in places and this story blew me away. FULL REVIEW


Six Stories (4,5 stars): Six Stories is by no means uneventful and the slower pace only enhances the effect of the plot twist bomb that will be dropped on you before you reach the final page. I had a fantastic time reading Six Stories! FULL REVIEW

Hydra (5 stars): I already had a brilliant experience reading Six Stories earlier this year, but somehow Hydra did the unthinkable and managed to outshine that first experience. Lost for words and utterly flabbergasted… Oh yes, this book made a big impact. FULL REVIEW

Changeling (5 stars): If you are looking for a well written and spine-chilling thriller with an unique podcast format and an explosive ending, Changeling (and the rest of this series for that matter) should go straight to the top of your wishlist! FULL REVIEW

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this list! Did you or are you planning to read any of these yourself? Do we share any of these favorites?


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22 thoughts on “TOP 15 Favorite Books/Authors Of 2019 #2019favorites #bestof2019

  1. So many excellent books on this list 😍 The Travelling Cat Chronicles will forever have a place in my heart, my friend and colleague who read and loved it too named her kitten Hiro after the author.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I love that! ❤ The Travelling Cat Chronicles has a special place in my heart and I can't wait to reread it… I hardly ever reread, but this one is worth it. I need to stock up on tissues and chocolate first though! 😉


  2. I liked 4MK I just thought the policeman was stupid. He had the chance to give the diary to speed readers (bare in mind it could be vital to saving someone’s life) and decided to keep it for himself. After saying he wasn’t the quickest of readers. I just couldn’t take his character seriously after that.

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  4. Some brilliant books on your list! I also had a lot of these in mine (The Passengers, Changelings, Twisted) and I just remembered what a gem The Travelling Cat Chronicles is which was one of my favourites of 2018. Looks like you read some great books last year, hope that 2020 is just as good!

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  5. Wow, it sounds like you had a really good reading year! That’s a lot of highly rated books, which is fantastic. 😀 I absolutely LOVE Cait (CG Drews). I haven’t read The Boy Who Steals Houses Yet (haven’t been in the right mindset, since I know it’s going to shatter my heart), but I hope to pick it up soon. Her writing is so gorgeous. I really need to read Laini Taylor this year! I keep hearing wonderful things about her books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Cait’s books as well! It’s probably wise to wait until you’re ready to have your heart broken, because it was one of the few books that made me cry last year… And if you are looking for beautiful writing I can definitely recommend both Strange The Dreamer books. The pace is a tad slow, but the writing is simply stunning!

      Liked by 1 person

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